The best CPA Case Study ever

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What is your best CPA case study ever?

Either post your own case studies of how your CPA campaign was successful, with specifics or other CPA case studies that you have found useful.

I think this will be HUGELY beneficial to the entire community.
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    In CPA, i don't think most marketers would disclose any campaigns that are successful for them since that's where they make the most money. If they do, it's either expired offers or offers that has since become highly competitive.
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    Yeah, I don't really want to share any of my stuff.

    But check if you do some Googling you can find some good ones.
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    I can share a really cool case study, which is about Life Insurance. I've done a ton of useless stuff that "kind of" works but never really got to where I wanted in terms of income. I then tried my hands at promoting UK life quotes which paid something like $50 bucks for a simple form submission/online quote. I put around 300 bucks into the campaign (all Adwords on brand names as keywords) ... and I made 3 leads the first day. Profit was like 70 for those so I thought to myself if I can get like 5-6 more leads a day I can quit my dayjob. Few weeks after, I managed to get them leads in and much more, so I quit my job at the bank and went full-time. That was a few years ago and I never looked back.

    So yeah, I just do financial lead generation and its very lucrative, so anyone needs a boot in the right direction just drop me a PM or whatever, be happy to help

    Read my incredible story:
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    Glad you have found what really works for you, Nick and best of luck! Mostly, you can get a few handful of tips that you can use through Google search. Although it doesn't work for me to learn as much as I can since it gets confusing and the more I learn, the more questions I have so I lose track.
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