Anyone Getting Success with Ads.pof

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How are you Warriors :-)
I am looking for someone who are getting success with POF :-)

If yes then please let me know because i want to start with POF :-)

Warmest Regard
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    Check out Tom Fang's blog - i think it is . He gives away a ton of good content . Hope that helps .
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      Originally Posted by mikekoltas View Post

      Check out Tom Fang's blog - i think it is . He gives away a ton of good content . Hope that helps .
      Seems to be a nice, informative blog with lots of tutorials and information to learn about CPA as well as anything related to marketing. Thanks for sharing the valuable information resource with us all.
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    I've been having a lot of success with POF Ads.

    It is great place to beginners to start out.

    I highly suggest you give it a shot!
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    Be prepared to pay for your data. You're gonna have to test many images at first which is going to cost you. But after a couple thousand impressions, you'll have a few winners. Pause all the losers the and let the winners ride. Profit will be around the corner...
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    Is this another ad network.? I Googled this and I got the dating website plenty of fish.
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    PoF is a great traffic source for someone looking to learn about demographic based traffic.

    There are great opportunities there, but as Krishna876 said, you will need to have budget to test offers, get some data and then learn how to proper use the platform.

    Niche dating sites are the esiest offers on PoF, so start also test as many ads as possible, since a high CTR is essential on PoF.

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      Heres some inspiration for you. This was last year from POF. It takes money to make money, I got laid off from my full time job and was unable to sink anymore into POF due to having to pay bills and stuff. I'm getting back into it this year along with other traffic sources.

      POF has gotten a little stricter this year reguarding ads.

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    Yes it works and don't JUST do dating on it either.

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