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I am new to SEO and adsense, fiddling around with the adwords tool and I recently stumbled upon a long tail keyword with just over 1.00$ CPC getting around 120k unique exact search hits a month. Normally I would curse myself for not being able to hit page one with volume like this but this particular terms first page is dominated by squidoo and small article buzz sites, there is no authority site to be found and even the lower ranking links are hitting 100k a month. My question is... is this possible? Would I be able to break into top 10 or is it possible I have made a mistake somewhere because no words exist with volume like this not tapped into by one of you warriors already, lol.

Also, if I can't make an authority site for it, do any warriors pay for good search terms or just find their own?

Thanks for the help everyone, I appreciate it very much. Best 10$ I have ever spent to join a helpful forum like this.
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    Keyword research is indeed very simple... We get paid good money to do keyword research for clients to help them optimize and focus their online marketing campaigns.

    Sounds like you may be a bit confused between organic search engine competition and PPC competition.

    To find out how many competing pages there are for the specific term, simply search google with that term in quotes.... "Your Long Tail KW Phrase"

    If the number of results that show for this search is under 50,000 results, there isn't that much organic search competition. If the number is over 100,000 there is a fair amount of competition.

    Then google: Allintitle:Your long tail keyword phrase

    If this number is under 10,000 your in fairly good shape

    and lastly, google allinurl:Your long tail keyword phrase

    if the number of results for this search string is under 1,000 you are in great shape.

    Essentially with the above 3 search strings, you can find out approximately how many pages online have that exact phrase in the body copy.... How many pages online have that phrase in the page title (a bit more optimized for the term) and then finally, how many pages have that kw phrase in the URL (highly optimized pages for that phrase)

    All these numbers vary from niche to niche and what is good for one niche isn't exactly good for another niche, but hopefully this can help you get a bit more info to analyze the phrase a bit further.
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    This is probably the wrong section for this, but if you have found this out and think you can profit from it then why not give it a try.
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