QUESTION about Classified ads minus craigslist.

by devonm
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I have a question about using classified ads minus craigslist as most CPA offers don't allow craigslist traffic. has anyone had luck with classifieds? Please help and tell me what you think as I am going to give this a try.
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    Offers that don't allow craigslist traffic usually don't allow any classified traffic.

    Even if you can, I suggest staying a way from classified traffic, and spamming in general.

    Too much work too little volume.
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    What about classifieds to landing page and from landing page to offer? Is that OK? I just tried an experiment with a landing page and it worked incredibly. Answered my own damn question with this experiment where I:

    had a classified ad that went to a Landing Page with short Article. Then the people could take it from there. Is this any better?

    Furthermore, I saw NO indication on this offer that craigslist nor any classifieds were prohibited. I looked.
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    Some classified ads sites are meant for local use only and they don't allow ads with referral links. Yet, with your approach, it makes it sound a bit different. Just make sure to go through their terms and guidelines ensuring you could do so.
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      there are some classified sites that work good, it does take some time.

      Please do not use affiliate links in signatures

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    yes some classified sites work good but the problem with craigslist is that many people spamm cl all the time and its going harder and harder
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    CL is a great place to get started with CPA. That's where I started making my first CPA monies years ago hitting my first $100/day. Just be sure to use a cloaker like WP Stealth Cash to hide your traffic source.
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