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Ok I put the get landing page code of P202 script on my 775x400 lander for LI campaign. The call to action button on the lander is linked to my presell landing page. The call to action button on my presell landing page has the redirect script to go to the offer. Now when I test it out -- Prosper202 doesn't show and click but my affiliate stat show the click.

Now what am I doing wrong?

Was I suppose to link the redirect script on my call to action button to go to the offer on my 775x400 lander as this lander has the other landing page script that p202 generated. If this is the case what about my presell landing page? How this fit into the equation?

The question is what is the way to hook up p202 to make the tracking work. I want to set up 775x400 lander to presell landing page, then to offer. thanks
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    Prosper202 isn't really set up for what you're trying to do. It can be accomplished, however, with a little creativity.

    You'll want to set up 2 separate campaigns, one for tracking the CTR on your PPV lander, and one for tracking clicks and conversions from your pre-sell lander to your offer.

    Set up a landing page campaign with your pre-sell lander as your LP. Add the javascript snippet onto that page, and have the CTA link to the redirect file.

    Next, create a direct linking campaign with the URL of your PPV lander as your affiliate URL, so when your as is shown, users will be taken to your PPV lander. You'll want the CTA on your PPV lander to be the tracking link for the "pre-sell lp => offer" campaign you created.

    You'll need to insert some PHP code into your PPV LP to pass any tracking variables into your tracking URL.

    Lastly, You'll want to place an advanced tracking pixel onto your pre-sell LP so that your PPV LP campaign will record it as a "conversion". It won't be a true conversion, of course. You'll just need to interpret it as a click-through from your PPV-LP campaign.
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    can cpvlab or hypertracker do something like what I want to accomplish?
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