Network recommendations for freebie offers?

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Anyone have any CPA networks they can recommend for the most freebie/coupon offers?

Not looking for stuff like a free Xbox or Iphone...looking for low payout freebie offers...stuff like low ticket free merchandise samples or coupons or something.

I currently do great with stuff like this on MaxBounty, but looking for more. Have tried Neverblue, Hydra, Pepperjam, Copeac, etc etc...but most of the 'free stuff' offers are things like $500 Walmart gift card- things where you have to jump thru 20 hoops to get.

The only other semi-legit free sample offers I can find seem to be from the smaller directtrack networks, and since there are about 49 thousand of those, figured maybe a few people here know of some they could recommend?
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