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There seems to be an overall opinion that review sites are a good way to earn affiliate commisions. I have just finished building my 1st one thanks to CPA Bootcamp and I really enjoyed building this type of site which is why I intend to do more and I'd like to hear other peoples top tips and adivce for building review sites. One thing in particular I'd like to hear peoples opinion on is should the review site look very professional ie is it best to buy a a decent review template or perhaps not ?


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    Hey Dave,
    Good question...I've split tested the two types against each other in multiple markets and in my experience...about 8 out 10 times the more personal (ugly) review site out converts the professional design.

    That's just from I've seen but, it does make sense.
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    Yes I agree review sites are the easiest way to cash in with CPA. Really effective
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    Hi DAve ,

    I use both review and pre-sell landing pages and I always make split test to make sure that which converts better .

    And , the other important issue is that personal review sites works better as compared to professional type .

    CPA Game Changer - Coming Very Soon !

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    Hey, could you folks give us some links to ugly sites? How UGLY does ugly have to be?

    Anybody got suggestions for ugly templates?
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    What are some good free ways to generate traffic to an ugly site lol?
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    Originally Posted by honestbizpro View Post

    Hey getinmoney,

    My first thought is....

    But I don't think this will work for a health site for like skin
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    I tried to build an ugly landing page - but did a lousy job.
    Just like I tried to use typo keywords, but later went back and spelled them correctly.
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