what to spilit test in ppv landing page

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i am newbie in ppv marketing, just curious to know element of landing page to to split test......
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    The headline, the angle, and the call to action are all key things to split test.

    Also I like to split a more simple version verses a more complex version lots of times.
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    It's going to sound cliche, but everything - colors, text, headings, images, etc
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    Originally Posted by thisisraz65 View Post

    i am newbie in ppv marketing, just curious to know element of landing page to to split test......
    Honestly, probably nothing. When you say 'newbie' - how many campaigns have you made? What's your total spend?

    First, worry about getting the mechanics of building campaigns down. Make sure you're tracking properly with pixels, and you're at least getting some consistent conversions. If you start split testing too soon, it will be harder to analyze and make the process frustrating. I would really recommend just starting out with a single landing page.

    Do you have an example LP you can show us? I would be happy to offer some advice.
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    There are any number of elements to test in order to find what works best, but initial test considerations should include:

    The main headline – Typically a break down of your product, service or any other offer.
    Some words might work better than others, and get the message across more clearly, whilst some words can be optimized for the keywords used from the search engine results, ensuring the visitor is immediately in sync with your message before they’ve even landed and providing them with a stronger sense of affirmation in what you are offering

    The call to action – This is the text within the button or text link that represents your conversion goal. You want your visitor to hit this button to complete conversion, so ideally the text needs to contain a clear, concise message that not only properly informs the visitor where to click but also encourages them to do so.

    Button color – Very self-explanatory, but a science in itself. Different colors have different connotations. You want your visitor to associate that color, and by extension that potential transaction, with something positive, all the while pertaining to your brand identity or the product that is on offer.

    Graphics and photography – Using an image to depict your product or offer is a clear indication to the visitor that they’ve arrived at the right place. However, a picture is worth far more than just a thousand words and depending on the context of the image, a visitor may or may not complete conversion. You can build an entire narrative around a single image and provoke an emotive response from the visitor – one that either prompts or dissuades them from completing a conversion.

    Video – Using video as a convincer can be a great way of quickly introducing new visitors to your product or service, but only if presented well. Split-testing your explainer video can produce huge upturns in conversion rates very quickly.

    Form length – In the interest of keeping your visitor fully engaged, it’s important to minimize the amount of fields that visitors are required to complete. However, if your aim is to capture as much data as possible (with lead generation, for example) then cutting down on the number of fields may not be an option. Instead, you can test different variations to the order these fields are completed, varying the amounts of information each time, and stick with the iteration that performs best.

    Positioning – The on-page position of your landing page elements (images, call to action buttons, text, etc) can have a dramatic effect upon your visitor behaviour. Although tools like CrazyEgg provide detailed analysis on typical user behaviour patterns, the need to test should not be ignored.

    I hope that helps!
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