Does anyone know what this means?

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International Redirect

It was in my neverblue as a campaign and they gave me .15. I know its not a huge amount but when I clicked it it says no campaign can be found. What does this mean?
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    I joined Neverblue about a month or so ago. I would suspect what is happening is that the campaign is only available in certain countries or maybe even just one country. So if someone clicks on your affiliate link that is not from that country Neverblue will redirect them to a different offer.

    You can just login to Neverblue and in the campaign summary of each offer it tells you what country or countries the offer is good for.

    That's one thing I hate about CPA, if the offer is only available in a certain country they get redirected. This mainly a problem for organic traffic. If you use PPC (like Google Adwords) then you can just target your ads to show in the appropriate country.

    I have been investigating geolocation scripts that can tell what country a visitor to your site or landing page is from.

    You could then show them an offer of your choosing based on their country. Of course this will involve some scripting.

    I think Maxmind looks good and plan to test them out in the near future.

    Hope that helps

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      I got your problem you need to find the public view link in order for your campaign will be showed up. Or if you want your site to be on top of Google search page go directly to this link.

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