Secrets of Catchy Classified Ad Writing

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Yes, writing classified ads is an art, one that can be learned, developed, and perfected in a very quick period of time. Depending on the nature of your business, a really well written classified ad can bring in a flow of business and loyal customers that generates profits as high as $10,000 to $25,000 annually, if not more! As with any kind of advertising (and classifieds are very popular, especially on a low budget) you must first become aware of the effectiveness of such copy writing, in order to then understand exactly what they are capable of, and what kind of ROI you can get
First of all, You can't actually sell your product in the ad. Some "gurus" will tell you that classified ads can actually generate cash orders up to $3 up front, but this is generally not the accepted practice, nor is it common to see such results. Even if some cash could be earned, this rarely develops in to loyal customers or any much profits later on. Instead of playing a guessing game with your advertising, losing $100s at every attempt, you should concentrate on simply giving away free advice in order to entice as many interested prospects as possible for your promotion or offer.
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    true say. also, it is more important to get the user to email you about something than for him to just visit a site.
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