How can I improve my PoF banner?

by Donimo
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So I have been doing CPA for a few months now, although I haven't actually used PoF ads until now.

I created a really simple banner which is promoting the dating network Be2 which I plan to advertise on PoF, although I'm not sure if it's really what converts on this site.

Here is the banner I created:

How can I improve this ad? Consider I am direct linking to the offer page from this banner too.

I am targeting Women over 40 in New Zealand.

Thanks for any help!
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    - The text is fuzzy and hard to read.

    - The picture is plain. Not color-full or eye-catching.

    - The ad itself it a bit plain in color.

    Fix those things, and you will be off to a good start.
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    Slightly different attempt:
    The cheap, newbie friendly, and super high quality autoresponder.

    Want to become a beta tester for Sendorika? PM me and we can discuss further!
    Twitter: @Sendorika !
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    Way too wordy. Sign up an account on POF with the demographic you are targeting and spy on ads/landing pages/offers. Test test test!
    (4) Spots Left For Private Coaching | | Skype: jon.mac303
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    I agree, too fuzzy. It's got to be KA-pow to get high conversion rates. You want them to go to your site instead of staying at POF.
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    create an good landing page rather than this banner
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      Originally Posted by shivamaduncle View Post

      create an good landing page rather than this banner
      How exactly is the OP supposed to drive traffic from PoF to that LP without a banner? :rolleyes:
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    I agree the text is a little fuzzy.. especially for the smaller letters. Also... If I am honest... use a bigger picture.. less text and something that makes them want to click your link.

    And successful for whom? If more woman over 40 find success with us than anyone else... then let's shout about that.

    Of course... you're going to split test all these, right?
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      Doesn't POF have quite a young age demographic?
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    Why don't you get some 110x80 ads up and running to see what kind of pictures convert well?
    And indeed, text is too wordy and not easy to read.
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    I'm going to need to agree with most that the image isn't too clear, and for me it's just (no offense) too plain and boring.

    You need to call out your audience more, engage them more..
    Perhaps make an ad that specifically calls out something about your targeting (more then just males in new zealand)
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    - Couples suck, always use an image of a single person of the opposite sex.

    - Try and find amateur looking graphics.. that image you're using in the original looks too professional and fake.

    - 310x110 doesn't need a border so ditch the border

    - I would just remove the "struggling to find the man for you" It's too wordy. Something like, "Frustrated?" has the same meaning but in 1 word
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