Professional Work Increased Conversions **BIG TIME**

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Hey Warriors,

First off glad to be back in action, I took a 7 day suspension. It reminded me of being back in high school my senior year (2006) and getting suspended 7 days for bringing a blow horn to school.. haha anyways!

I wanted to share with you guys valuable information, I know this may sound a bit old, but honestly I see it happening every single day when I am doing research throughout the web.

Professional work has recently increased my conversions/brand and bank account. I am seeing many half done websites, or editorial issues. Don't get me wrong I am not the best writer in the world at all and I have made some mistakes.

Doing my research and seeing my own conversions/sites then seeing what I have now compared to a few months back its pretty darn amazing what the little things matter in this business.

Few Key Tips For Professional Work:

1. Outsource to professional experts in the field of work you need, whether if its Copy writing, Web Design, Graphic Design, Wordpress creation etc.

2. Make sure you have someone else read over your site and see if there are grammar issues.

3. I usually do this with a few close marketing friends of mine, I share with them my site. I know many people at times don't want to get there hard word ripped off, thats why I am saying close marketing friend. This way you get another marketers point of you

4. Share your site/work with a NON-marketing person. This way you can understand how the average person looks at it. Many times, I have "lied" to myself saying oh this site looks great, but that's just ME, it didn't look great to the hundreds of people who are visiting it.

Anyways I just wanted to share this with all of you, enjoy the day!
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