Hey evryone I did it =)

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LOL I just wanted to get your attention. I know mean I'm sorry. I just wanted to let everyone that I finally took the first step to doing it RIGHT. I went out and got some web hosting from hostgator. I got the reseller account instead of just regular hosting something said buy that instead so I did. I paid for 3 months service for like 74 bucks but with the coupon it came out to like 59.88. I got two domain names one is my authority site big momma home base and the other is going to be a test campaigne I'm going to run. I could of got one and just did the subdomain but it was only ten bucks to get one that is close to the productname in question so whatever. So EVERYONE PLEASE WISH ME LUCK and I keep the forums updated with my reults and if anyone wants to know how I'm doing and what methods I'm using just PM me =) you know the drill later.
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