Anyone Interested In Offering 1on1 CPA/PPV Training Maybe As A Case Study?

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I am brand new to the world of CPA/PPV. I have been reading here on Warrior Forum, Googling, reading other forums, even trying to run some campaigns on 7search and noticed, I'm still lost and confused. I like to think I'm a pretty smart person but I'm noticing their is a major disconnect from being a newbie to being profitable or an expert.

So I'm looking for someone who may be interested in coaching me 1 on 1. When i was thinking "hey i need to find a coach" a great idea hit me. Their has to be tons of other people who are interested in the world of CPA/PPV just like me who are just as lost as i am and just as confused.

Here's the problem i am having and what I'm noticing. I have spent easily over 40+ hours reading everything i can and even a good 7-10 hours actually creating campaigns on 7search. In all my reading I've noticed, its all being wrote by experts who forgot the person reading what their writing, is brand new. Their are terms & ideas used that i have to spend separate time figuring out what their talking about. I have yet to find a guide/wso or whatever you want to call it, that is written by a newbie in newbie terms but with the support and guidance of successful person in this industry.

Why would this make a difference you might ask? Because someone brand new wants to know how to do certain things and trying to figure out on your own or reading stuff by an expert can get very confusing very fast. Having someone in their same footsteps writing it and explaining it will know exactly what the newbie is looking for.

So if anyone is interested in 1 on 1 coaching with me and maybe using me as a case study and building a wso, guide, etc with me let me know. Either way, I'm still interested in finding a coach for 1 on 1 training. Thanks.
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    Are you trying to learn PPC specifically?

    What type of budget do you have?
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    Id like to learn PPC first just based off the research ive done. But that was one of my things, as a newbie their are so many avenues and so many directions you could be pulled in that it can get overwhelming.

    As for budget, i could work with whatever number would be needed within reason. I think if this would be done more as a case study or guide, it would be better to start off on a smaller budget ($100-$500) because it would be more realistic for the a person new to this form of IM. But again, im the newbie so i honestly have no idea if $250 isnt enough or more then enough to get started and learning.

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    You're right in that some guides do make assumptions. I used to do that all the time and still do in some of my training material. But you can't have a newbie write a guide because it would be the blind leading the blind. That's where the guide is the starting point and someone to turn is the real benefit of the coaching.

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    Well my thinking is if someone is coaching or leading the newbie who is writing it, he can put it into a better perspective. Because the newbie writing it can write it in terms that are more understandable because hes interacting directly with the coach. The newbie would be going step by step to learn it and wouldnt skip or not explain anything because their learning it right on the spot also.
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