Help!Copeac Closed Acount due To CC Fraud. Strictly Whitehat

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Ok so as title shows they closed my account saying credit card purchases were fraudulent. I started out with google fast cash and made about 5 to 8 sales and then started google biz kit. They say ALL the fast cash saleswere fraudulent. This was my first attempt at cpa and had a proper whitehat site that was on page 1 google and page 1 yahoo. I have about 1500$ owed to me and i know they dont pay for fraudulent sales.

Will i get the rest of my money?


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    If all of what you say is true, you can bet I'd be on the phone with my COPEAC affiliate manager. That's what they're there for. Call them! Raise a little ruckus!

    If they don't want to play ball, there are hundreds of other networks who will... especially if you are bringing loads of search traffic.
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    I agree with Xshardx, get on the phone with them and tell them you want a more detailed explanation and if possible logs/data that prove the leads were fraud. Sometimes networks make little mistakes like that or the advertiser tries to skim on leads so they pick on low volume affiliates.
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      Yup, call them. Keep calling till you get someone on the phone and explain exaclty how you were driving traffic and that your not a scammer. Im sure you will get it worked out.
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    Just an fyi, there are rings of thieves out there that do this. I'm not saying the OP is one of them, but maybe that ring messed up and submitted via his page instead of their own. (I believe they outsource the actual stolen credit card entry to third world countries so the person who is entering the stolen card may have submitted to your page by accident.) If that's the case, it's still an uphill battle for you with the network. Networks don't like this activity at all and have zero tolerance for it. BUT don't think of those sales as lost, they were never yours in the first place if they were made via stolen credit cards by a third party.

    It's sad, but some people spend more time trying to figure out how to steal and cheat then do anything legit. (Again not targeting the OP, just in general).

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      Time for an attorney. Have them send a nasty letter with words like sue in it and I'm pretty certain you will get your money. It wont be cheap, but it wont cost as much as the amount your currently not getting paid. Have the attorney send you a copy too (they always do, but just in case, ask). That way the next time this happens you can change the names and send the same letter again.

      If what PPC-Coach said is true, **this is not your problem** . I cannot tell how how *sick* I am of Affiliate Networks using every excuse imaginable to not pay affiliates. That's like a store asking you to pay twice because someone ripped off a register after you left. It was their system that failed, not yours. If you made $1500, it sounds to me that your system is working just fine .

      Watch out though, COPEAC use Direct Track... if you did send this offer crappy traffic and your other Direct Track companies are seeing questionable things then your pretty much screwed on all of your affiliate accounts.
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        3 issues here:

        1 - Get on the phone with your AM. Every network should have a bad lead/sale file to send you. Ask him to open up your account on just one offer to prove yourself.

        2- Fraud is Fraud!!! The network will not pay you on fraud, they are not getting paid for it so they will not pay. As an AM myself i can tell you instead of being proactive i have been cleaning out our network of bad affiliates lately. These affiliates only get banned if we find out right fraud going on, hey fraud hits every one at some point. Here is an ie. of one i just banned: he was averaging 1300 clicks and 1-2 sales per day for 10 days. i found that the average time spent on the sale was 6 seconds!!! Impossible!!! a 2 page offer, a legit sale would have spent on this particular offer 2:20 min. - 3:50 min. It opened the door to other offer he ran in the past (which he had already gotten paid for) and we found the same thing, he was hiding it pretty well, but it caught up to him. Thats just one ie. i could go on all day.

        Are we wrong for banning this guy? I don;t think so.


        Originally Posted by danhughes View Post

        I cannot tell how how *sick* I am of Affiliate Networks using every excuse imaginable to not pay affiliates.
        Why would we want to screw you out of money? We need you. We need each other, we have the offers, you run them, we pay you we are all happy. We want to pay you, we want quality traffic, we get bigger budgets that way. I want all my pubs to be paid. I'll also tell you this, again fraud hits us all, if we see fraud it does not mean we ban you, we will not pay on fraud but this is where a relationship with your AM comes into play. Ok, we have no choice to stop you on offer A, but lets try offer B. We want to work with you, in fact i rather work with more smaller affiliates than 1 big one.
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    Copeac is a reputable network, they need good affiliate publishers so if you was doin whitehat stuff so i dont think so that they will close your account.
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    If the card was stolen your not going to get paid no matter what you do.
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    I had something like this happen with one of my accounts.

    I had my hydra account closed, something to do with duplicate clicks for multiple offers. I was making 1500 - 2500 every wk to 2 weeks.

    I called my AM right away, he couldn't help me so I got the supervisor on the phone. They asked me about my traffic and how I was converting it so I sent them the emails, webpages, etc. After I provided them with the info they needed the ran a quality check with the advertisers and my account was re-instated.

    All in all it took about 6 phone calls 15+ emails and about a months time before my account was re-instated.

    You have to call them, and when you do remember that you are making THEM money, you are investing YOUR money, and this is YOUR business. The CPA companies are just the middle man between you and the advertisers, and YOU are doing all of the WORK.

    Remember this and make sure they understand that this is your BUSINESS and you stand behind it, most scammers will just let it go and move on to another network. Prove to them that you care and all should be well.

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    Give us an update on what happened with the network. If you were on page 1 of search engines, and all the sales were fraudulent, it could be because your site was used by a fraud ring testing stolen credit cards. They often use "free trial" sites to test if a stolen card number is still valid and active.
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    Get on the phone right now! What are you waiting for?
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    Copeac are a solid network and I can't imagine them acting without legit reason. If you're white hat, it's pretty hard to speculate on what might have gone wrong. It happens. That said, if the leads are fraudulent - you're not gonna see that money. The best you can hope for is a reinstated account.
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      Hiring counsel for only $1,500 is really silly. Small claims court is where you would have to go for an attempt at getting paid.

      A better idea is prove to them that you were marketing the offers legit. You do not want to be marked for fraud in the direct trac system.

      If all goes South, new EIN and reapply...

      - 2 profits

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    This is all too common with CPA networks these days unfortunately. Once you generate them enough sales they'll just cut you off.
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      It's common because of all the fraud that has started up. CPA is all the rage but the money associated to get started is just not readily available to most people so they revert to "free" advertising which is not allowed. GPT and other "networks" are only making things harder.

      Key is to stay in contact with your AM and let them know what offers you are running and they should start seeing conversions come in... etc... You don't have to tell them how you are running the offer but make sure all leads are legit. White hat leads with Black hat traffic.
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    update so far well it is worse than i thought now the advertiser is saying a total of 15 sales were fraudulent. I have sent email after email to my manager and even the owner of copeac to see what he can do because i did not do anything wrong on my end. He asked for screenshots on how i was promoting so i sent him lots of screenshots i sent my complete stats for my sites screenshots of my hub and squidoo on page 1 where all my site was getting traffic from mainly from google mostly from googlesent him everything. I asked for some ip adresses and logs fromthe advertiser for those sales but all i got was i list of bs i understand i wont get paid for the fraudulent but what about the rest that were legit i still have no answer from them.
    what do you think will i still get the rest that were legit
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    This is another example that I have learned the hard way... why it is so important to maintain an ongoing relationship with AMs. As someone mentioned in this thread, there is SO MUCH fraud with CPA marketers that many networks are near paranoid when they don't know exactly what is going on in your practice. I am not suggesting that they are all innocent (ha!), but it is just part of the game.

    I hope you get reinstated!


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      This is awful! I'm just starting out in CPA and there is a lot of work involved - I sure hope you can get your money!

      Can anyone comment on which companies have been doing the "non-affiliate pay two step?" I'd rather avoid them from the start. Thanks!
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    well all is fixed and all is good i gave all my screenshots and my am took them to the advertiser and out of 15 sales i get 7 plus the rest i earned plus account reinstated
    and he says he is working on getting the rest of the 7 sales paid to me
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    Good news, just found the thread and was going to say Copeac is entirely legit and simply wouldn't operate like this unless there was an error or actual fraud.

    I'm sure they will resolve this, it makes no sense for a scammer to fill in the offer on your site as obviously they don't get paid.

    I'm sure it will all come out in the wash.

    Bottom line, and this is the answer to 99.9% of all issues in CPA, ... Get on the phone and actually talk to your manager, they want your business as as long as it's not fraud and it converts, they want to hear from you.
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      Originally Posted by Amfire View Post

      Have you contacted them over phone? Copeac is very approachable company. they should hear you.
      Look @ post 21.
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        hmmmm, Ok, did not see it, Was in a hurry!!
        Originally Posted by SimonHarrison View Post

        Look @ post 21.
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    Copeac are really going down the toilet in my opinion. First they completely ban/remove incentivized offers.

    Then they started asking me some really ridiculous questions. I don't want to go into it here, because it's a bit too public. Basically they questioned why I'd been going into certain parts of the offer descriptions. I couldn't believe the level of paranoia. I haven't driven traffic to them for a few months, but they were treating my like a criminal.

    By the end of the conversation with my aff manager, I was hoping they would ban me because I just didn't want to do business with them anymore. Suffice to say I haven't bothered to even log in since that whole incident.

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    were you doing incentive offers?
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      I know this won't help you get your money but maybe you should stop selling these kits as theyre basically scams... Just read this review on the google biz kit. If you sold more legitimate products you may be dealing with less shady affiliate networks.

      Check out my list of work at home data entry jobs

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    Well I hope I do not get the same thing. because I just started making sales with COPEAC and I am real excited now. I really like that the AM are really easy to work with and want you to really make some money.

    If you want a link here please email me!

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    lol well just before being paid out again another problem arises. BS these guys are. Now the excuse is apperantly my address was used for 3 other accounts under 3 different names. They say i did this and closed my account again. They actually think i would have 3 different accounts under 3 different names and how would i even cash these cheques anyway. come on This is my job and depend on my business. why would i ruin that I can't believe copeac
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    Copeac might be reputable in some people's perspective, but I must say they are my least favorite network.

    I ran a campaign where I should of received credit for hundreds of leads (one field offers) and my affiliate manager said "that advertiser is shady, try promoting something else".

    What kind of response is that?

    I refuse to work with a network where my affiliate manger hardly ever responds and then has the nerve to send me that kind of response?

    There are plenty other networks out there FAR BETTER than Copeac!
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      Originally Posted by dropship View Post

      Copeac might be reputable in some people's perspective, but I must say they are my least favorite network.

      I ran a campaign where I should of received credit for hundreds of leads (one field offers) and my affiliate manager said "that advertiser is shady, try promoting something else".

      What kind of response is that?

      I refuse to work with a network where my affiliate manger hardly ever responds and then has the nerve to send me that kind of response?

      There are plenty other networks out there FAR BETTER than Copeac!
      Hey listen he is only trying to help you out. And that is what they do. If they say it is shady start promotiing something else. They want you to make sales and get paid becuase that means they make big money.

      Simple as that. They are really good people!

      If you want a link here please email me!

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    Pay your layer a $100 bucks to write or make a phone call. This will fix it. I had similar situation that was fixed with one phone call from my lawyer.
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    Sometimes it gets very hard o explain to networks, even if you tell the truth they don't believe you.

    Try your luck. I had a bad experience with 1 network, owner is on this page.
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    Well, Copeac is also a good network. Don't leave it. I'll say, to take a brake from it if you son't feel like promoting it but leaving it will be a wrong thing to do.

    There are can some campaigns with them in future which may be exclusive and which can give you a great amount of profit in future.
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