Why Stay Away From "Scammy" Email Submit Offers

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It doesn't matter the CPA network, but if you are promoting those offers such as free PS3, free coupons, free iphone, free giftcards etc, they are malicious and schemy.

Most CPA networks that has these offers don't even care, because they are not the ones promoting them. You are.

Not only are the good majority of the leads you get to submit their email are scrubbed (you don't get paid for), but promoting these offers will eventually get your account banned when advertising at most advertising sources.

I have a coupon niche website where I typically partner with companies directly to get my offers, but I decided I would place some of these free coupon, giftcard offers from some of the CPA networks I am part of on my site.

Then I started getting feedback from some of my visitors saying that these offers are scams and never actually give anyone what the offer said it would give. And also asking for personal and credit card info.

So I decided to test the offer myself. I put in my email address to supposedly "instantly download free coupons", it then popped up with several other offers after the submit, asked for shipping info and even fees. I closed out the window, never confirmed my email or anything...

About 2 weeks has passed since, I got 539 spam emails in my spam box. The email address I used is an account that's barely used. I typically receive 3-5 emails per week, max.

But now since that schemy email submit, this happens...

I am now getting 30+ spam emails per day from all kinds of malicious crap from that one email submit offer. No matter how many emails I unsubscribe from, I keep getting more.

So if you are promoting these stupid $1.40-$1.70 per email submit offers, this is what's going to happen to your visitors. And it will actually make you look bad because they found the offer from your ad or website, and it's literally impossible for them to get out of it.

And it's a shame that CPA networks allow these advertisers to do this. And that's aside from the other stuff like, pop-over email submits on the landing page (that you won't get paid for), exit pops, redirects etc.

I wasn't going to mention a specific CPA network, but I reported offer # 6909 and # 6906 to my AM at Peerfly. These offers were redirecting to something that's crazy and telling people that adobe needs to be updated (malicious software download attempt). And no the offers weren't paused.

From Peerfly's end, they weren't seeing this malicious redirect, but I was and the visitors on my website were. And my AM at Peerfly says I can't report these offers because it's working fine from their end.
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    Thanks for share this info, friend.
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    Thanks for the detailed info.
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    It's really sad, it sucks big time, and just to confirm, you got all these spammy emails from 1 freaking email submits, right??

    I am getting a huge turnoff for these spammy offers now, first I found about "trial offers" that leaves everyone you promote those offer to in unmentionable situation, then the next sector was Payday loans, I can't even begin to tell you what those payday loan companies are doing..

    And now these email subs, in your case, it's still good since you were just bombarded with those spammy emails, you know what happens in the back end of those payday loan companies? I even created a detailed thread just like this one, but you know what happened? it only got like 8-10 replies,

    It's really sad and heart-shattering..

    BTW, here's my thread abt those scammy payday loan companies:

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    I can always see people in some public forums (not IM related) complaining their mobile phone credit reduced directly too after completing a pin submit offer.

    Look at this thread,


    And now even PeerFly is affected, ethical or unethical, you decide.

    Of course, there will be a lot of people jumping out and shout "If you found it unethical just don't promote it!" Pretty true too.
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    75% of cpa offers are scams in some way. email submits are the worst. those free trials are just as bad. The email submits scrub like hell and i would never promote those ever
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    You got spam because they re-sell the data.

    i.e the CPA networks re-sell the data, those people they sell the data to re-sell the data, even the advertisers on the CPA network that originally paid for the data sometimes re-sell the data.

    There are not many good products to promote.

    Another thing I hate about some offers are the offers that say get your free trail now... the person puts the info then finds out they need to buy 1 or 2 packages and get the 1 product free - but they have already paid for 1 or 2 -_-.

    Retarded advertisers

    Rent this space.

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      Originally Posted by 100k View Post

      Retarded advertisers

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    thanks for the info, i myself have immersed so many campaigns of this type and the money is just sinking too...
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