Just Wanted To Do My Own Newbie Case Study & See What Happens

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I am brand new to CPA and thanks to the forum i have read a lot of information. Im finally starting to take action and even though im down a couple hundred right now, I'm not giving up. What i wanted to do though was document what im doing from beginning to end on a campaign that way hopefully people can help critique me, learn from my mistakes or anything else that can help myself or someone else gather information. Mind you i am BRAND NEW to CPA. So far ive earned $18 doing it and only been actually taking action in the last week or so. So here i go!

Day 1. Today i searched around Peerfly for a dating offer because i decided im going to start with POF advertising. I came across a dating offer that has a $3 payout, EPC of $0.06, and CR of 1.73%. The lead convents on profile creation. To me this seems like a very specific niche that im promoting.

Here is my initial setup. I will be using 110x80 ads. I am targeting USA, age group of 26-30 and gender. Ill be spending $5 a day spread throughout the day at $0.16cpm. I created 2 different text ads and found 6 different pictures. So initially i have 12 different ads. They will be direct linked. Tomorrow hopefully the ads will be approved and i can see how the initial test does.
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    Awesome Subscribed. Hopefully you see good results!
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