List of Advertising Networks for PPC, PPV, CPV, CPA, Retargeting, social media, media Buy

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For those who need it hope this help

List of Advertising Networks for PPC, PPV, CPV, CPA, Retargeting, social media, media Buy...... PPC network text inline/ contextual ads Pay Per Click Advertising, online text advertising, banner advertising, and Interstitial advertising on the sites of your choice all types of ads pay per click, in text, CPC banner, display advertising, CPV and domain parking affiliate and advertising network - text ads display/media buys/mobile ad network places targeted text ads on quality content sites - banners, text offers an assortment of channels such as domain, email, pop-up, and search Retargeting Platform display ads, banners, media buys on AOL Microsoft banner display, media buys display ads and banners on yahoo sites Promote your business on Plentyoffish display ads CPM/CPC connects publishers and

Advertisers through an auction-based, pay-per-click marketing platform text, search and display ads torrent site traffic/ Display banners inline contextual text and display ads in text ad, pop under, email ads Pop (CPM) your site will be popped behind the publishers' sites according to your selected target countries -Text Ads (PPC Ads), Pop-under ads, Email ads media buys PPC, contextual Target adult traffic provide video and rich media, mobile marketing, search marketing, social media runs celebrity endorsements in social media search, parked pages, text ads offers Emails Newsletter sponsorship, solo ads, website display, offline list rental, co-registration, media buying media buys, banner ads

Bing/Yahoo ( Reach audiences across web, mobile and connected TV with their video advertising platform

burstmedia.comenable you to reach your consumers with a variety of display ad units, rich media, sponsorships and video solutions, as well as engage them with social media marketing features and opportunities. banners ads banners ads on blogs banners ads media buys on very high traffic search related contextual display ads banners, text ads, pop-unders, interstitial ads media buys, banners ads and display banners ads, display ads, media buys Retargeting ->retarget people who didn't sign up first time - PPV/CPV, popups offer a full cross-platform solution, in online, mobile and social, media buys media buys on high traffic places Retargeting ->retarget people who didn't sign up first time - text ads allows you to benefit from direct access to Yahoo! premium inventory, publisher partners such as MSN and AOL, comScore top 1000, through a simple, streamlined transaction point.

Google Ad words (need to Google it) - Search and Content network Media Buys with Google - PPC text ads (Marchex) text inline/ contextual ads in-text ads/ contextual ads offers social media marketing platforms IN-Text ads. PPV (pay per view) network require $200 deposit Banners, inline, contextual. Linkedin ads Link intelligence tools for SEO and Internet PR and Marketing. Site Explorer shows inbound link and site summary data. the foundation of their media is built on their direct partnerships with premium publishers, as well as their buying power on ad exchanges, SSPs, and other marketplaces. - PPV/CPV (pay per view) ads Search PPC network media buying search and display exchange banners, display and media buys website SEO component checker Retargeting ->retarget people who didn't sign up first time Over 125,000 media properties, categorized by media type, market, geography banners/media buying exchange social advertising and analytics platform dashboard ads, pop up media buys, CPC, PPC, and CPM media buys Ads on Reddit provides direct access to high-quality website inventory. Their Reach & Response Network reaches millions unique viewers per month in the United States and worldwide Retargeting ->retarget people who didn't sign up first time Variety of ad formats banner exchange Construct engaging ad formats to reach users across desktop, tablet and smartphone devices banners, Media buys banners, video display, media buys - PPV (pay per view) network require $1000 deposit, mobile, and video campaigns, Search engine optimization and search engine management, Real-time bidding, Display Media campaign planning, execution, and optimization. Deliver media to audience via our content, audience and contextual engines banners, display, pop-unders technology-driven video advertising solutions banner ads premium banners, display ads, media buys banners, display ads, media buys in-content ad platform banners, text ads on high traffic blog network . Media buys, $1000 deposit multi-screen video advertising company providing digital video brand advertising solutions display banners, media buys. you need to spend is as little as $30 per day, text ad or an image/ banner ad.

List of Advertising Networks for APPS AND

Mobile Phone Ad Networks mobile ad mobile ad mobile ad mobile ad mobile ad mobile ad mobile ad mobile ad mobile ad mobile ad mobile ad social media display ads social media app ads and distribution social media app ads and distribution

List of International Ad Networks UK banners/media buys Media buys, display Sweden media buys on premium UK, Irish & Aus. Media buys French/Euro mobile advertising network that offers brand owners and agencies access to a global display network of publishers text ads on the network Text/ display banners on FOX properties banner, pop up media buys South American Hispanic traffic display ads, media buys in Europe targeting Hispanic people in USA banners for African traffic Quebec, CA Media buys/display UK/Euro South African traffic UK traffic
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    Hi mamadou douka. Thanks for posing that most valuable list!

    I would like to add Danari to your list please: PPC Network / Google Ad Exchange syndication partner (display)

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