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I am looking to sell ad space on a Music/DJ site. What is the best way to go about this?

Are Ad Networks the best way? If so from your experience what are the best sites for this genre?

Thanks Very Much
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    Great reply! Thank you for the info...

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    you can try performancing ads or digitalpoint forums to sell your ad sace
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    Hey Stephon,

    What is your experience with oio publisher: OIOpublisher Ad Manager - Control Your Ad Space Do you know anything about it?

    Interesting that you mentioned openx, I just installed a script named Piwik made by the same people. I did not find it to be user friendly, and technically I am more advanced than most people as I have created websites and employed myself using fairly sophisticated web technology for 10 years.

    Do you find Openx to be user friendly in addition to being powerful?


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    Hi Stephon

    Firstly Thanks for you reply, it pretty much is everything i wanted.

    Do you have a lot of experience with OpenX as i was quite unsure how it works and if there are many good sites on there.....

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      @phon - great post, thanks!

      Do you have any experience with running OpenX on your own server? I wonder if that's a good idea and how much resources it will need.

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          Originally Posted by Stephon "Phon" Rudd View Post

          Hi Ken.

          I actually have no experience with OIO but I'm gonna look into it now that you've brought it to my attention. I'll give you my report once I've had a moment to examine it.

          As far as Openx goes, I believe it could be more user friendly, I agree with you there. I understand it only because I've been able to understand stuff like that for a while. However, I DO see how powerful Openx CAN be if understood and used to it's fullest.

          I like how you can even create insterstitial zones too, that is, full page pop ups too...very effective for CPA ads. What's your experience with OIO if any? And what's your experience with Openx?

          Thanks buddy.
          Hey Phon,

          I actually have not messed with Openx yet, I just found out about it because I was looking into the analytic solution provided by the same group, "Piwik".

          However, Piwik requires that I edit the PHP.ini file, and though that isn't so difficult I think that is not something most people would want to do, and therefore is a drawback.

          I have not tried OIO Publisher yet though I have seen a lot of blogs that use it. I am trying not to buy anything else until I get some usable income going from my IM work.

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    openx has a market place as well now. try that
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    You can also try putting your site on adbrite and

    They do have requirements but i have seen many sites on there that really don't get any traffic at all.

    Also a tip:

    Buy a site with traffic on it, and redirect it using 301 .htaccess to give yours more traffic..

    Kinda gray area technique, but it works.

    The Youngest Network Marketer To Crack The Internet Code:

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