How do I create videos for CPA offers?

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OK Guys,
I am just starting in the CPA game and don't have any video experience either. Can anyone suggest where I can go to create low cost or free videos to upload onto Youtube to advertise my CPA offer? I'm not looking for perfection here. Just somewhere I can create something with pictures (maybe some sound) and the ability to put a link to my CPA offer in there. I know nothing about how to do this so preferably a noob friendly site please.

Thanks for all the good content in this forum. I've been checking it out over the past few weeks and you guys rock! I look forward to being able to contribute something of value here myself very soon.

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    Hi Jim,

    I use windows movie maker. If you have vista or xp, you should have it already on your computer. Very straight forward. I have had good success with driving traffic with movies. Not sure how they would work for cpa offers.
    Let me know if you need any help.

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    Thanks Candace! I do have Vista and will check out Windows movie maker. I appreciate the idea.
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      Originally Posted by rogerioLidango View Post

      I heard is really simple to use as well.

      Yes... I LOVE

      You can get pics for free at, upload to animoto, play around with the music and you can come up with some really cool stuff!

      Just be careful where you are sending your traffic. Try to send it to a good landing page with maybe a couple of offers on the page. Many networks don't like traffic that comes from social sites, such as YouTube.

      Hope that helps!


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        I use two free tools.

        The first is camstudio, which is basically a screen capture to video program.

        The second is super (from eRightSoft) which I use to convert the camstudio video to more compressed formats (reducing upload times, storage requirements, and bandwidth usage if you are hosting them yourself).

        I'll have to give animoto a look though.

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    Thanks to everyone for the tips. I can always count on Warriors for support if needed. Hope everyone has an awesome week!
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    Windows Movie Maker is an amazing tool for a simple approach to movie making.

    If you google, video making for beginners, or something along those lines you will find a lot of helpful guides. Good Luck!
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