Help with MobPartner and Airpush call back url

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Hi Warriors,

I have just started my Mobile CPA journey with MobPartner and Airpush. I am trying to setup Airpush call back url with MobPartner so that i can track conversion within Airpush dashbard.

I was given below call back URL from Airpush to be integrated in MobPartner:[token]

Do i need to change the [token] to something specific, i.e guid=campaign?. Or just leave it as it is.

Secondly, how would i integrate above URL in MobPartner?. Just paste it in the URL in the "When the transaction is created" under Callback URL under Site&Apps?.

I have communicate to AirPush and MobPartner support over this. However, the slow response in killing me.

Appreciate if you guys could shed some light on this.
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