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Hi everyone, I have been in the CPA realm for a while. I am generating about 20 sales per week as an affiliate right now. Anyway, I have created a sales page that I want to get out on a CPA network. The only problem is I don't have a ton of startup money. How can I get around this? The name of the site is paid to place, there are 4 versions of it and they are hosted as ptp.securedsitehost(dot com) ptp2.securedsitehost(dot com) ptp3.securedsitehost(dot com) and ptp4.securedsitehost(dot com)
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    Hello...Can you try to elucidate on your question...its kind of ambiguous

    I just want to be rich and famous....!!!

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    Have you calculated that your conversion rate may not profit you more than what you can charge per lead? Is that what you mean by not having enough start up money?
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    Well I have had a test done on an email list and it converted at about 2%, so I know it converts well. In my understanding, CPA networks will charge me up front, then have the affiliates generate leads, then pay the affiliates. I don't have much money to pay the CPA networks before the leads are generated. I hope that clears it up a little
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      right, but how much money do you need to start out with? I only have about $3000-$4000
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    I suggest talking to each network directly. Whom better to give you all the information you need than the actual source?
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      You're going to have setup fees and need to make a deposit. $2kish startup and $5k-$10 deposit. Really depends on the network quality, size and so on. I;m not sure if rogerioLidango can give a better estimate?

      What's the relationship you have with ?

      The offers / pages are identical, but the copyright notices are different.

      If you're the original product owner as opposed to an affilaite / PLR owner etc let me know. I work with an affiliate network that funds offers. BUT... it must convert and you may have to change your price structure... I don't think it will fly with a $95 front end price.
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        Yes, I was the one who built it... The reason there were 2 seperate addresses is because we have 2 merchant accounts, one that will accept worldwide payments and one that will accept only u.s. payments. Anyway Pricepoint is no big deal because we can change that on the fly with our CRM. The ptp4 is more geared for CPA because it is a 1.95 trial with a $39.95 monthly
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