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by lirikh
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I am currently building my list by using PPV traffic, and I have some questions regarding tracking with P202.

I have setup a squeeze page with my opt-in form. In P202, I chose to direct link and have put my squeeze page's URL into #3 (campaign affiliate URL).

PPV -> Squeeze page (keyword recorded, click + clickthrough recorded -- in this case, CTR will always be 100%)

I have then put my conversion pixel from step #8 into my opt-in "Thank You" page. This way, I can see which keywords bring me the most opt-ins.

Is this a good method of tracking list building with PPV traffic?

Now my question is: How can I now track conversion of my actual affiliate product?

I will be putting a free report download link on my "Thank You" page. In this free report, I will have my affiliate links. Also, on the same "Thank You" page, I will put a offer wall (multiple offers). At the same time, I will be sending auto-responding emails containing affiliate links.

How can I track all of these links?

Any input would be greatly appreciated

Thank you for your time reading this thread.
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    I need help please!

    I just encountered a major issue.

    How can I pass the subid to the thank-you page? Because as soon as the user opt-ins and get redirected to the thank-you page, the subid gets lost. Thus, the lead doesn't get recorded (I just tested it a few times).

    I am direct linking and using my opt-in squeeze page as my offer URL in step #3 and I'm using the pixel from #8 which I placed onto the thank-you page.

    P.S. I'm with GetResponse.

    EDIT: I am also having trouble passing down the t202kw parameter. As soon as I go to my tracking URL, it gets redirected to the offer (my optin squeeze page) and the t202kw gets lost. Arg..
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    anyone? I need to know that too
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      Originally Posted by Snatch View Post

      anyone? I need to know that too
      If you're tracking leads for your self you don't need to rely on subids, bevo can do this with fingerprint tracking. I can easily track what targets got my optins. Also with iMobitrax blows cpvlab out of the waters.
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    Don't use prosper. I'm not sure if its been updated since that post (over 3 years ago), but Prosper was never good for anything like this. I know CPVLab can do this with ease. It's worth the investment.
    I offer CPA coaching and investment opportunities for those SERIOUSLY interested in making money directly or indirectly with affiliate marketing. PM me for details.

    Read More about CPA/Affiliate Marketing on my Blog
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    Tnk you guys, I also found a course on prosper its pretty good you can find it on this post. (NO aff link). Its little expensive but in my opinion its worth the investment if you are serious about ppc and aff marketing.
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