Way to make money from facebook that many have forgot about..?

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This is definitely old school, and I'm not sure it necessarily fits in this forum, but it could make you a nice tidy sum..!!

Buy facebook stock..!!

I had put this message in the off topic forum and while nearly 100 people have visited the thread, no one commented on it.

It was like the phrase "the silence was deafening." I'm not sure this thought has crossed a lot of people's minds here since everyone is so focused on advertising and marketing.

Since facebook probably is discussed in this forum from every angle up and down and those who visit here know how valuable facebook is in terms of a return for your advertising dollar, I thought it would be worth a mention that you might want to get part of the company while I believe the price is still relatively low for what it will be in say a year from now.

Just a number of months ago it is was $10 a share, and closed on Friday at over $40 for the first time..

No need to join an affiliate program for this one..

Might be something to think about..!!
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    There is no doubt about the fact that facebook is not only a social platform where people meet each other, but is lot more than that. In terms of marketing and advertising. Facebook has introduced new ways to introduce your business, having your business on facebook through a fanpage or a group is a great way to learn more about your customers need and demands.

    Facebook marketing is replacing the old methods, it offers you different advertising campaigns as per your budget.
    It also has a great importance concerning SEO.
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    Yes it's at $40 now, but it also had an IPO of $40 then dropped waaay down. It takes a lot of money to make a living off of stocks.
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    Originally Posted by JohnnyNight View Post

    Just a number of months ago it is was $10 a share,

    Might be something to think about..!!
    Not sure where you got that number from?! The lowest the shares have been, was $17.55. Goto Marketwatch.com and type FB in the search box and you will see....

    Btw, don't get involved with stocks unless you have a thorough knowledge of how the market works.
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    Yeah, was going on an article I read about the $10..!!

    Maybe they were off a bit.. Have to check it out again..

    Knowing the stock market is the way to go, but most here realize how valuable facebook is... knowing the company is in the end what's important.

    Anyway I bought a few shares for the fun of it.. nothing is certain, but I'd be surprised if it's not close to $60 a share by the end of the year..
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    Even though it might sound easy, trust me it isn't. Investing in the stock market , like everything else, takes A LOT of research as well as money(If you want to make the big bucks). Take months and even years to make the money back that you have invested.

    One thing I realized a long time ago was that, there is no such thing as easy money. If money was easy to get , then everyone would be rich . lol

    The stock market is really volatile, anyone says any little thing about a certain stock and it will drop like crazy and vise versa. I speak from experience, I have gained and lost money in the stock market.
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    The shares may have a good run for a while but if the main index falls, everything will follow it.

    The thing is if you don't have enough knowledge you will eventually lose. Look what happened to Dell eventually and HP lost more than 60% of its value before it started climbing up again - I run a blog on margin trading, so accept my word for it -- if you really want to play the market then study it first for many years and then get involved.
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    You don't buy stocks when they are up you buy when it's low.

    Unfortunately I got my fb stocks when they weren't the lowest but glad they are getting up
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