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Has anyone seen the new google keyword tool / ad words what do you think.??
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    I have seen it and I think it sucks. Most of what Google does sucks, IMO. With the exception of their search.
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    While checking the new google keyword tools it seems to be very much confusing in the starting as compare to last free google keyword tool, in old and new major difference is that you need to register the google adwords account for it...

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      Google has made some improvements with their adwords advertisers in mind, and the changes may or may not be helpful to marketing SEO, but it will take some time to get used to it.

      Life moves on.


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    The layout is kind of different, but the information I need is still there.

    I just had to learn how to use it, confusing at first.
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    I am not getting google keyword, page showing page not found. Are you also getting the same
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    I like that it is simple but is the data trustful?

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      I just tried it out for the first time and was all ready to hate it, but I don't. They've lost the "global" and "local" by default columns, but you can focus the search not only by country, but by state or city. While I don't take a lot of credence in the hard numbers of low results in this tool, the ability to compare results in say states or cities could be very useful. You also get many more idea results by default than you did with the old too-- I just got 803 instead of the old automatic 101. I'm thinking this tool may actually open my eyes to some new market possibilities and I'm sure I'll be spending some long days hammering at it.
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    Originally Posted by digitalnetworkgroup View Post

    Has anyone seen the new google keyword tool / ad words what do you think.??
    I saw it and I think they totally screwed it. They took away exact and phrase search even though it is formally still there. If you try to change from broad search to phrase, there is no difference in quantity.

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    I hate change, lol especially if it doesn't improve things. I am not seeing any easy way to find low comp. keywords without entering my own list. Maybe I have not spent enough time on it. The requirement of brackets, etc. to get the broad, exact, etc is a lot of extra work. What I hate most is none of my auto software works now. Hopefully there will be upgrades to allow for the new mode.
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    IDK y all people hates new kw tool but I like it ,, its new and i am sure they are still doing lot of changes to make it better
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    Its fresh and I don't think it's going to be as big a deal to find the right what..we gotta work a little harder. Either way...what are you going to do..not use it? Adapt and overcome. Semper Gumby
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    I've got used to it already, but it needs time to show how useful it is now.
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    Keyword Planner is the same as the Keyword Tool and i personaly like it better.
    Just play with it a bit and you will get the hang of it pretty fast.

    If not just do a search on youtube with "keyword planner" and you will find lots of vids on how to use it.
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