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Hi everybody, I've been in the PPC world for about six months now, working for a small marketing startup that's also just breaking into SEM. Primarily I've worked in Adwords and to a lesser extent Bing Ads, but my question right now is about advertising on Yahoo: I'm a little confused as to how exactly to go about doing it. Specifically, I'm interested in getting clients' CPC text and image ads on Yahoo sites; whatever the equivalent to the Google Display network is. I understand that Google might include some Yahoo content on its network, and I know Bing search overlaps with Yahoo, but I can't find good documentation on whether Bing's Content network also includes Yahoo. There's also a site for Yahoo Advertising Solutions at, which requires a $500 minimum budget, and another platform at

So a tangle of platforms, outdated blog posts, and subpar documentation has left me unsure how to proceed. Any advise?
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    Hello mighty,

    I apologize if I misunderstood your question, but Bing Ads provides pay per click advertising on both Bing and Yahoo search engines. So whatever you have on Bing ads will show up on Yahoo aswell as Bing.

    I think that should answer your question.
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      Thanks for the reply. Specifically I'm looking at Display/Content rather than search. For example, just looking around Yahoo Finance and the Yahoo homepage now and I can see some display ads serving through Doubleclick, which I understand is a Google property, and others through various Yahoo urls. So I just want to make sure that if I tell a client, "We're going to place bids for your banner ad on Yahoo Finance/Yahoo Sports" etc, that I'm actually able to do so.

      Meanwhile, I'm terribly confused by the roles of and, since the former says it's for Yahoo display and the latter says Yahoo & Bing but ISN'T run through Bing
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        Update: I chatted with a Bing Ads support rep, and I was told that clients cannot do display image advertising on the Yahoo/Bing network without a $25k budget. Since many of our clients will not be willing to do that I was told I should use a "trusted partner" called iPromote, which requires a $500 budget, to advertise on Bing and (presumably) Yahoo. In other words, the content network is apparently text-only for small players.

        This is very frustrating, because I can't find any solid documentation about a 25k limit on Bing Ads support pages, nor is there anything about iPromote. Unfortunately this is typical with my (admittedly limited) experience with Bing: their services are fragmented and barely documented, and their support is slow and not helpful. Very annoying!

        Okay, end of venting. Has anybody had any experience with this at all? Is it really impossible to use Bing ads as a comprehensive platform for advertising on their own networks?
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          I did display with Yahoo directly like a year ago or something like that. It was 5k minimum then. Won't go into details but I don't recommend them. Go use sitescout or something instead.
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    To advertise on Yahoo home page or any other pages as you tell is have high costs you have to pay few hundred dollars per day. So, It is highly expansive.

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