HALLOWEEN CPA CAMPAIGN - Seasonal CPA offer Case Study

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Hi Warriors!
Just want to share campaign I just star. I'ts seasonal CPA offer for the 2013 Halloween costumes/masks.
This offer converts after the user has submitted valid credit card information and it pays $5.75 per lead.
I visit sales page and was ok so I decide to set up 7Search PPC and LeadImpact PPV campaign.
First what I do is create simple landing page (775x400px) for LeadImpact PPV screen and it look like this:

My intention is to target landing page with PPV and sales page with 7Search PPC. Latter will set up also Facebook ad (fan page under development).

Keyword research

I open my Market Samurai and enter my main keyword "halloween costumes" and I run project to find highly research keywords (not long tail).
When I get results I take one by one and run it on Google to check for the URL's. Each of one I visit and made deep search on Quantcast and Alexa to get more data on audience.

7Search PPC campaign

Keyword I get from Market samurai I simple extract and insert in 7Search excel file and import to my campaign.
Till now stat of my campaign is this:

902 impression and 86 clicks. Total spent $4.30. Conversion 2. Earnings $11.50.
This is good sign because I find out that this offer convert and know exact what keywords are profitable ones.

LeadImpact Campaign

You already see from the photo above what kind of landing page I will use. Simple picture made in Paint.net, linked to an offer.
Today I set up an campaign and now I need to wait for keywords/URL's approval.
Just for your info, I manually visit every URL to check if is nearly related to my CPA offer. This takes time but it worth it.
I share this campaign with you and I'm not afraid of competition. There are place for everyone even I know that maybe from 100 people who will read this thread, one will take action so...

This is just one simple idea what you can implement to make money online. Halloween offer is seasonal offer and will stop it 2-3 days before Halloween night (depend on searches and conversions) and will start with another one. Christmas and New Years eve are closing also...
Think fast, take action!!!

Small Update

Here it is, small update. Another lead happen in these hours so I arrive in total of $17.25 (3 leads) with $4.90 spent on 7Search PPC.

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    Awesome, I'm really looking forward to this. There is lots of money in seasonal stuff like this, but I believe many people don't bother due to the short period of time. Think about it like this - how many brick and mortar shops pop up around Halloween, then disappear a few weeks later? If its profitable for them with the expense of a store front, think of the possibilities of doing this online with much less expenses. Then if you're creative and actually have a site, you can spend the rest of the year growing your user base and optimizing for seo, etc for the big days.
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      Yeah, you have right Chris! I realize it this year, on Valentine day when I cash 7k+ in 20 days on an CPA dating offer made for Valentine day.
      From that day, every seasonal offer I'm in, at least I try!
      And Christmas and New Year still need to come and right after that Valentine day...
      Taking action is main thing here but most of it is creativity because not everyone can make it even if they take action. This is reality and everyone must face it.
      I always said, in IM business from 100% who enter, only 1% will remain in the game. From that 1%, only 0.5% will start make money that can live with it. Now depends in what groups you are.
      This is job like every other job and not everyone can perform it.
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