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Hey Warriors,

I came across an interesting deal from an individual who is trying to promote Forex Products. He almost has his website made and his products are prepared.

His offer was to promote his website/products.

No Network.
No Tools.
No Tracking.
No Banner Ads.

There was only one spot open for one affiliate, and the affiliate would get 40% of ALL the sales from the website.

So ONE affiliate, promoting ONE site..and the affiliate makes 40% of all the sales from the site.

The owner said he wants an affiliate to do every thing from scratch and in return, the affiliate would get nearly one half of every thing. The website had a system that records every order and the status of the payment. At the end of every month, the owner (through a contract) is required to pay the affiliate 40% of the total sale amounts.

What is your opinion on an offer of this nature, where you promote a product/site from scratch and get paid a good part of the pie?
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    I forgot to add..the products range from $100 - $400. So in sales commission you would get $40 - $160 per sale.
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    No I probably would not... With that much risk I would not want to mess with it.

    If you know the guy and he is very honest or something like that... Then MAYBE...

    With out tracking, how many conversions you get is up to him and how many he wants to give you no matter what you actually had. That is simply the truth.

    When It is with a network it is much much safer... He should AT LEAST set it up on click bank... That is only $50 and you would then have tracking and a network... That would REALLY be worth it.

    Hope that helps a bit...


    Micah Rush

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    The thing is, he hasn't launched it yet in order for him to test conversion.

    He knows nothing about getting traffic, his site looked really professional and well designed though. His only source of traffic and ultimately sales would be through the affiliate he was looking to work with.

    He ended up finding some one, who does SEO service for hire.
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    The question is how can you be sure he's not shaving on your sales?
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    He is basically outsourcing the whole marketing part. Understandable if he is not confident in his own marketing abilities. But having those tools (including a tracking system) helps both parties. Why don't you suggest him to put those system in place? Your post suggests he is not marketing savvy, maybe that thought never came to his mind.


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    Perhaps I'm missing the point here, but 40% is no big deal most Forex products on CB pay 75% commision and I wouldnt' go near anything that had zero tracking .

    I don't see the great deal here.
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      I'd run away...

      You do all the marketing work to collect 40%.

      Why not do all the work and promote your own product or something that pays out much more.

      My 2 cents.

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      Originally Posted by SimonHarrison View Post

      Perhaps I'm missing the point here, but 40% is no big deal most Forex products on CB pay 75% commision and I wouldnt' go near anything that had zero tracking .

      I don't see the great deal here.
      The only thing different here is that he gets the exclusive right to promote the product. There will be no one else selling it (as an affiliate or otherwise) other than him.


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    I wouldn't mess with it simply because you could make more with less risk by simply promoting ClickBank products in the same niche. Unless the person is a good friend, I would stay away.

    Get real, unbiased Internet Marketing Reviews-If it stinks, I'll let you know.

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    If it smells like bullshit and looks like bullshit, it's probably bullshit.

    The lack of tracking for a start is just a disaster waiting to be walked in on.

    I'm sorry but the affiliate model is not designed for only one person. And it's not designed as a "winner takes all sales" concept. If you want somebody to promote your shit, you get a marketing guy onboard and pay him flat-rate by the hour.

    Merchants open up their products to affiliate networks knowing full well that they'll be getting volume in return (if the offer is worth it). Otherwise it's much more cost efficient just to hire somebody to work by the hour.

    You're saying each conversion is worth $40 - $160 per sale? Say this affiliate is actually, you know, half good at what he does - if he's picking up 3 or 4 conversions a day, that quickly equates to $500 or so every day that you're parting with. That's not cost efficient.

    You don't give away 40% of your revenue unless you're dealing with a lot of volume.
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