How To Content Lock Your Wordpress Site With AdWork Media

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If you've never content locked a website before with a CPA offer, and wanted to know how. Here's a little guide on how to do it using Wordpress and AdWork Media.

AdWork Media has a Wordpress plugin which makes the process very simple.

The first thing you'll want to do after you get access to the site, is go the the "Tools" section and click on the first link which says "Gateway Manager (Content Lockers)".

Then from there you'll want to click on "New Gateway".

From here, you'll need to give your Gateway a name, which can be whatever you want. I would leave all of the other options the same for now except for the "No-Show Traffic Settings". I would change this to require a social action for visitors who don't have any available CPA offers which can be shown to them. This way we still get something out of these visitors.

You can see this setting in the picture below. After you've changed it click on "Create Gateway".

Now your content locker is created, and you can click on "Preview" to preview it if you want. But before we install it on our domain there's one more thing we need to do. Click on the "Optimization Center" button.

On this page you'll need to add your I.P. to the Whitelist, so that the content locker doesn't show up when you're trying to view and edit your site.

AdWorks Media has a WordPress plugin that allows you to implement your content locker very easy.

WordPress › AdWork Media EZ Content Locker « WordPress Plugins

If you go to your WordPress dashboard, click on "Plugins" and "Add New", you can search for this plugin simply by typing in "Adwork media".

Once installed and activated, from your WordPress dashboard go to "Settings", then "AWM EZ Locker", and follow the simple instructions to get the content locker to display on your site!
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