German and Austrian Cross Border Traffic Agents ANYONE HELP ME!!

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Hi Guys

I m completely new to this forum and would really appreciate if you can help me out.

I work for an online casino company and I need some help in recruiting german female traffic.

Are there any media agencies you can recommend that provide this type of traffic or companies that sell advertising space on niche foreign websites frequented by German females.

Thanks for Help
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    Hello SarahPsail,

    Have you ever tried PPC then sending them to a landing page where you can either sell to them or capture their data and add them to your mailing list??

    Just curious as to why your looking for an agency when you can do it yourself?!?
    I only ask as I use PPC to make my entire living and when you have it figured out you can laser target your ads so tightly that you can turn a profit in no time.

    Any questions let me know...
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      Thanks so so much for your reply

      My only problem is i have never done ppc and would have no idea where to start ie what sites to contact how to get their contact details ect

      Are there any directories I should use

      Sorry if i sound like a complete amateur but i am when it comes to this and would love you help

      Thanks so much again
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    Something wrong with facebook?

    Rent this space.

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      not allowed in gambling boss so its either cloaking or nothing der

      such a tough industry its mental
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