who is using blogger landing page?

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I want to design blogger landing pages.It is easy but not perfect .who use it and make the page looks like a accurate landing page.
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    Why are you using blogger as oppose to a self hosted version that you have complete control over?!?

    The IM business is all about control - without control how can you tailor your landing page to gain the best conversions....

    I would recommend getting some hosting, a copy of coffeecup HTML editor and some strong coffee, after all the only way to learn is by complete immersion.

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    Go self hosted...blogger just shouts scam to me.

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    As previous posters said, self-hosted solution is much better for your needs. I got an impression from your question that you are not sure how to design your own website so you are looking for some easy solution.

    There are many free website templates which you can download and easily customize. Many web hosting companies also offer website builder or script installer so you can install some CMS like Joomla and create your landing pages in a similar way like with blogger.
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    Blogger could close your page anytime they want.Use a simple page with your hosting.
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    With enough html/css knowledge, you can make your blogger page look like a landing page - but there are huge limitations that you'll encounter once you get traffic going.
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    Stay away from blogger, just landing page setup that is hosted on your own server.

    This way you don't have to worry about it getting taken down.
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    I would never use a landing page that isn't self hosted, why put the control in someone else's hands?
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    If you're just starting, do one on there. Then you'll see how to make them and be able to make one on your own later.

    Take baby steps.

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    One good thing about being on Blogger.com is that you can piggyback off of their high pagerank. Set up your site and it will be easier to rank on Google after getting a few links to it.

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