Are campaigns that do not make you money profitable for you? - Mobile Market Research !

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I keep hearing people (especially newbies) make this mistake over and over again, and just throwing away money... a lot of it !
So please, STOP running offers all over the place...

Look, you're here to run a business, right? not a roulette casino, and you're not a stock broker, right? you're trying to run a legit business here...

So here's a question for most of you out there -
Are campaigns that do not make you money still profitable for you?
Well, they do for me
You see, from each and every campaign I'm running I learn something... Something that helps me in future campaigns - like what kind of offers works, what kind of carriers, creatives, even colors, publishers, etc... I learn everything and manage an excel sheet "recording" the information so that for future campaigns I'll be able to address the traffic more "knowledgeable!" - That worth a lot of money to me as "pre" knowledge I'm using before running any campaign !

NOW, as some people do you this method, and try do learn from every campaign, people, newbies at most, forget two SUPER IMPORTANT things that without understanding those, the whole system is worthless, and again, you're just burning budget ! :
  1. Every traffic source is different ! You see, running offers on Buzzcity is totaly different than running offer on Leadbolt which is totaly different than running offers on Jumptap which is totally different... well, you get the idea....
    and those are differrent not only because of the optimization options each have, but also because of the type & quality of the inventory! and keep in mind that quality is just as important as amount (for those of you keep saying Buzzcity is ONLY for Asian market....).

    So, running an offer and learning the results, for MOST of the information generated, is only good for that specific traffic source (not necessarily true for things like colors, etc. but for most of the things it is....).
  2. YOU CAN NOT RUN THE SAME THING IN DIFFERENT COUNTRIES ! well, at least not on the same way... you see, think of it... every region has its own culture, behavior, "hot topics" of the moment... even religion and holidays... working hours... Sunset time (when evening comes for offers that works good on those hours), and many more... basically EVERYTHING is different from on country/region to another...
    So... if you keep running offers on EVERY COUNTRY possible, what the hell can you learn from those offers that didn't work???? You're just guessing here!
    Now, think if you for example run offers only in country X , like 10-15-20 different offers... some work and some didn't (but most will generate some conversions...), what will you learn? A LOT ! you become a MASTER for that region, right? suddenly you know what kind of offers run best there, what are the hours of the day that usually converts more, which gender for each offer, what carriers perform better, and so many other things... you become a "citizen" of that country and know exactly how to sell there... Keep in mind, when doing online/mobile marketing - you're a salesman (or woman )! you need to know and understand your costumer to be able to sell, right? does that sounds logical?
    Add to that the fact that when you decide to focus on a country/region, suddenly you are able to conduct a pre market research before running any campaign, right? (I'll share some tools at the end of the post).

So, for all of you out there, just STOP burning money, and follow these steps:
  1. Choose a traffic source and try to learn as much as you can about regions, countries, etc. they are strong in.
  2. Choose a region you're going to focus on ! (Basically, almost any country can be profitable! once you master it!)
  3. Decide what is your niche... yes, in mobile also... in order to REALLY learn about the market, you need to decide whether you're going to run Games offers, Content, Adult, Dating, Gambling, etc... each might behave different...
  4. Now, that you have a specific region/country, and a specific niche, conduct a market research, use: Google and search information about that niche in that country, find ideas for creatives, etc. Use Our Mobile Planet to learn about the use of mobile in that country... Use Campaign Planners of the specific traffic source (if they offer this) to learn about their inventory.... User WhatRunsWhere: WhatRunsWhere: Competitive Intelligence for Advertising in the Digital World | Discover your Competitor's Display and Mobile Advertisements to learn about the type of advertising in that region/niche... And so many other tools out there... yeah, it takes time but that's the job
  5. Start running offers! and don't feel bad for offers that aren't profitable! try to learn from those! Manage an excel sheet with as many parameters you can, include what type of banners you use? carriers that worked or didn't, devices, hours, day parting, etc....
  6. After you've run several offers on that specific traffic source and conducted a FULL market research, you'll start feeling more comfortable, knowing what works and doesn't work there... you'll get graduated as a MASTER OF COUNTRY X IN NICHE Y ! and will be able to run very targeted traffic to become super profitable!

Now, Go, Start Working !
Good Luck,

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