Buying YouTube Video hits?

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I made a YouTube video for my client.
The client asks me:
What about these companies that offer to increase your YouTube hits?
Are they worth it? (Or complete scam)
Get YouTube Views - Increase Your YouTube Videos Rankings!
Buy YouTube Views, Ratings, & Increase Traffic - Video Marketing / Promotion

MY QUESTION: How does YouTube rank videos of a search please?

Thank you ever so in anticipation for answers to BOTH questions.
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    I am pretty sure those websites are not offering video views (only channel). Ever since YouTube stopped allowing bots to count as views, most companies have stopped their services and have just gone to channel views. Channel views still are counting the bots (I am sure YouTube will stop this soon).
    tubeviews - if you read packages all say 'channel' - points to an affiliate traffic geyser (which is actually a wonderful tool, but $99/mo) - has disconntinued services

    Rank and search results have to do with Title, description, tags of each video.
    Hope that helped a little and if you need some promotion and views to youtube, let me know.
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    Youtube just changed some of their code. Now you can't increase your views through bots or any programs. You have to do it by attracting real people to see the video now.
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      What is the significance of having a high number of views? Does that increase your search position in the Youtube search results? Or make your video rank on Google? Does it just make you seem really famous so it has the social proof effect?

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    Ya man, I am sure, bots are not wrking there now, If you can make eye-catching video, I am sure more guys will look into it., Even you can spread the link of your video and get more guys over that too......
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