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by jbgal
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Can anyone show an example of a good landing page (preferrably WP blog that presells the offer) for a CPA offer? I've been thinking about getting into the CPA bandwagon for the longest time but still undecided on how to position the links/CPA banners on the WP blog. I heard WP makes for the best landing pages.

I understand if you don't want to show YOUR landing pages, but maybe you saw some really good examples out there and are willing to share?


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    I have a great example for you for a CPA offer landing page and I will even include a Free CPA ebook that I personally paid $197.

    The only thing I want from you is for you to team up with me through my sig link, don't worry I'm not selling anything here this is all 100% free guaranteed.
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      honestly, the landing pages of non cpa offers are the same as cpa offers. Just use landing pages you use now and replace the links with you cpa links
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    Make sure you have some place where they can add to your mailing list. It's great for offers like PJ's backlinks.
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    Honestly, they're all over. Click on a random link ad when reading the news or entertainment online and you're bound to find highly profitable and highly converting landing pages advertising $30+ CPA products. Best of luck to you!
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    You have chosen your CPA offer.You have done your keyword research keeping in mind what a prospect will be typing in search.Take some of these keywords and type them in google.Click on all the sponsored links above the fold.Do a lot of the landing pages look similar?If YES looks like they are making good money.Sometimes you can spot its the same guy with multiple landing pages on different domains.WOW you got a good keyword so maybe bid high to get in on the action.
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    I doubt any intelligent marketer would put any of his landing pages on here. I have done that before and it got ripped before I hit "post quick reply" lol..

    The best thing to do, is go into your targeted market and see what everyone else is doing.

    Follow what they are doing for 5-7 days, because all successful marketers know if there campaign is going to make money within a few hours or few days. If they are running 5-7 days, same ads, landing pages and position they are making money.

    This is not rocket science, take what is working and re-create it for yourself. Why do you think there are so many cpa offers that are all alike? "hint Hint"...

    Don't reinvent the wheel, play along with what is working.

    The Youngest Network Marketer To Crack The Internet Code:

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    Great advise LeivaMatias..
    I have launched New WordPress theme's Themelocation
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