Anyone using Airpush? - I have a question

by Mesina
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Hello Warrior Forum,

I just want to know if anyone is using Airpush to drive mobile traffic to your offer.

My first campaign just got approved like an hour ago (US target) but I still see no clicks or impressions going on my link. My question is why am I not getting clicks or impressions?

I bid 0.02 higher than the minimum bid.

Looking forward to any response coming from any member of this forum.

Best Regards,
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    I'm not currently running traffic on Airpush but I think you're confused on what minimum bid means, this does that equal the competitive CPC for US traffic. That's just the lowest you can bid, I'm sure US traffic costs a bit more, $0.05+ at least. You can ask your rep what's the competitive bid or just keep increasing in a few cents until you start seeing the impressions coming in.
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      Thanks for that very prompt response. I've tried increasing my bid like 3x the minimum bid but I still see no clicks or impressions.

      I've also emailed the rep but no response yet so far.

      Best Regards,
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    Airpush stats are not updated in real-time. Use mobile tracking software or check your stats in you cpa network.
    The money is the motive.

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    always Bid High and budget low when you first start a campaign i forgot where i picked this idea up but its the truth when first starting out you need to Bid high for exposure and then budget low so your whole budget does not get eaten up some after the first couple of days of running the campaign if you find that you are getting alot of exposure at a certain bid you can then Optimize lower the bid..
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