I want to buy ad space

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Which are the best places to do this?
I have used crankymart but they are closing down within the few months.
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    exactly where you want to buy a place? And for what?
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    Clearly, there are a lot of place you can buy ads online, based on you referencing Crankymart, I will assume you are looking to buy banners ads on smaller / mid-range sites.

    The first recommendation that jumps into my head is BuySellAds, and the next best method would finding site via Google and contacting them directly.

    What is your niche if you don't mind sharing, we might be able to recommend some other ad networks. Good Luck!
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    Buysellads, sitescout and Buy Affordable Ads On Premier Blogs In 4 Clicks | Blogads

    If you could tell me your vertical, I might be able to give you the perfect places for buying ad spaces.
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    Best places to go if you want a network is to the ones mentioned above.

    Ideally start thinking outside of the box and only use them to get your initial intel, such as does the banner get clicks, and is the traffic quality any good.

    Then I would personally go direct to sites and speak with the website owners.

    Just do some intel using Adbeat or WhatRunsWhere to find out from your competition what Ads are doing well and to what other similar Publishers.

    This will allow you to get better rates and buy all the traffic available on the website, you could even lock in the webmaster for longer terms.

    Just remember to get a good Adserver such as Adshuffle.

    But if this is not for you use the Networks listed above I would mention that if you are in certain verticals as an affiliate especially SiteScout may not be ideal, as your ads may get ghosted/blocked by Publisher even if SiteScout has approved them, so gets frustrating moving forward.

    Good Luck

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    Try buysellads.com
    I've bought from them a couple of times.

    You can even pay to have your offer on their huge twitters and facebook pages.

    Live your dreams,
    Ean Stark
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      If you or anyone is interested, I have a sitescout account with $328 balance that I want to sell. I tried a couple of offers but it didn't work, I don't want to keep spending the money with no sales in return. Banners aren't really my thing and I'd rather sell the account to whoever can do better with it. The minimum to open an account there is $500 and I'm offering to $250. That's half of what you need just to get in, plus you'll have $328 to spend. If anyone is interested, please let me know.

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