What are some good networks that dont shave?

by mithya
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Hello Warriors,

I have been testing some offers on ppv these days and on split testing there is always some difference in conversion rates of two networks (ya, i tested this over a week atleast). So, I was looking forward to the experience of you guys. Which networks do you think dont shave or shave less?
Thanks for your thoughts.
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    Hi mithya,

    I work with a handful of networks, maxbounty, peefly, neverblue to name a few have worked well for me always.
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    Thanks for the reply Rishy. Maxbounty and Peerfly are working well for me as well. Always heard good things about Neverblue, so will give them a try too.
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    The problem isn't on the CPA Networks side that should be worried about, but on the advertiser's side.

    Some repeatable CPA Networks I use... Peerfly, MaxBounty, NeverBlue, ClickBooth, A4D, ect...
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    My fav networks:
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    I currently use these, but my suggestion is to create an account with all of them and split testing.

    Adscend Media
    Adwork Media.
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    I'd say that all networks do shaved lol
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    There is no such CPA network. A portion of your leads will definitely be shaved at some point, some by networks, rest by advertisers.
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      I believe it's peerfly that talks about this on their blog. They don't allow shaving. With that said, it's more likely you get blacklisted from promoting an offer.
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    Hey mithya,
    I can say we do not shave, I`d be happy to discuss with you a bit about your promotions and see if you like to give us a shot!
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    I vouch for MaxBounty and Panthera.

    I know some people say all networks shave some times. But I think there are some networks that are honest.

    Last year, I had one offer that was earning me around $60-70 a day. All of a sudden I noticed for a few days the conversion was lower than usual. I emailed my IM at MaxBounty, within 24 hours they credited my account with $700. Because they discovered there was a problem on the advertiser's site.

    So, not only they paid for those few days, but they went back for a few weeks and estimated how much more I would have made from this offer if there was no problem. And then they gave me the money.

    And that's one reason despite using a few networks, MaxBounty is the first one I always check before I run any offer. If they don't have it, I'll go to another, but if they do, even if their payout is less (which usually isn't), I stick with them.
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