Pay Per Call - Ad Networks?

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For people who have ran these offers which networks tend to be better? I am currently on leadbolt but not sure if its the best.
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    • Profile picture of the author Renal Jo has great pay per call offers. I only wish they had an easier way to communicate with the advertiser.
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    Rextopia and Clickdealer work very well for me...
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    CJ and rextopia, have heard good things about both of them!
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    cj dot com is for newbie, its very easy and they paid much.
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    one more vote for CJ, it's really good!
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    Shareasale also have pay per click programs
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    ringrevenue is another good one..
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      Originally Posted by EugeniaChase89 View Post

      ringrevenue is another good one..
      Do you mean RingPartner?

      RingRevenue is a tracking platform, that most networks used. They recently changed their name to Invoca.
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      Originally Posted by JoeFerguson View Post

      MaxBounty has a good quantity of PPC offers. If you're interested in something specific feel free to PM me. You can also signup to become a publisher by following the link in my signature.
      MaxBounty has very interesting policy about Pay Per Call offer approval. I've applied several times to PPCall offers and I was not approved. Reason - No traffic to the other CPA offers that require form submission. Guys, I don't want to deal with links at all... I want to deal with calls. I don't want to promote form submission or email, or subscription CPA offers... I just want Pay Per Call.

      However, I think you guys did not understood the question here. @blitz20 said he/she is on LeadBolt and wants to find another Mobile Display Ad Network with traffic that is good for Pay Per Call advertising.
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    The Idea is to get to the source, These networks kill the deal's with there low payout's and 2-3 minute qualifier, WE ARE SELLING LEAD'S NOT DEALS, I would understand a :20 qualifier to make sure the call connects but thats about it.

    I work both sides of the fence, I have my own offer's ( generic in verticals and sell to multiple client's in the vertical) and provide calls to brand's.

    You do not need to go to a network to get offer's, Most service based companies want inbound phone calls.

    Here is an example : Plumbing
    Call on plumbers either locally or nationally and tell them you are promoting a generic plumbing offer that will generate phone calls and you would like to sign them up to send them calls in there area, during there hours of operation. Once you have the coverage ( enough plumbers to purchase all of the leads you can generate) then you get a call distribution platform and set up a hunt group to route the calls.

    Create generic plumbing brand and promote a click to call campaign. You will make more going this route vs a network
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