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I'm looking to upgrade my hosting.

I currently utilized shared hosting via inmotion and want to speed up the loading times of my landing pages.

I see Beyond Hosting has a few packages.

Their starter package includes LiteSpeed, which I assume is good?

Has anyone used Beyond Hosting (or recommend an alternate)?
The reason Beyond Hosting looks good is b/c of their Prosper or CPVLab integration.
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    Now, take this with a grain of salt because I truly don't have anything to compare Beyond Hosting to besides HostGator... But I have been completely blown away by Beyond Hosting.

    Their starter package can handle about 50,000 visitors a day. Which is great! They also have the 50% for 6 months coupon which I'm loving.

    Prosper install was a 2 click, 2 minute process. Quick and simple.

    But my favorite part is the customer service, if you ever have a question they are incredibly responsive. I've submitted about 3 tickets to them, and every single one of them has been answered within an hour, no matter what time. One took them 8 minutes and the other 27 minutes. The longest I've had to wait was an hour.

    Overall, they're an incredible company that is very easy to work with. Another thing that I like about them that you can't do with some of the other companies is that you can actually credit your account, so pay your bill in advance and not have to worry about it.
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    Do you just have the starter package?

    Are your load times quick?
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    Used Beyond with Prosper202. Had 100% uptime and tremendous customer service. I would recommend them for sure. Recently cancelled the hosting but not due to quality. More focused on other projects!
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      Beyond Hosting is great, I use it with prosper and imobitrax.
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    Hi @thesecret what package with Beyond Hosting are you using for imobitrax?


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      Yeah I have the starter package and I've never had any issues. I've done plenty of website tests to actually test the load times and I think the most I did at once was only around 10 connections at once, but regardless, the average webpage load time was .412 milliseconds
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  • BeyondHosting is the only host we officially recommend at this point because of all the positive stuff that was mentioned above.

    They know how to support Prosper202 very well, and that alone is a huge deal.

    PS: If you already have Prosper202 installed check your resources tab for a coupon code.
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    I'm currently using Beyond Hosting's 2048 VPS plan and it's nice and speedy. Their support has been excellent as well. I've tried godaddy, hostgator, bluehost, crocweb, fatcow, & wiredtree + more. They're the best in terms of speed, support, reliability.

    The more you focus on what you want, the more you'll get what you want.

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      You may try VPS hosting from from a2hosting, they have solid servers which work with no glitches.
      And their prices are competitive.
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    Go with Hostage.... I would highly recommend them!

    They have a thread on BHW.... go see if they have any special discounts.... but even without discounts they are WAY cheaper than everyone else and give you more RAM/GB better speed etc.

    Rent this space.

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    I prefer Beyond Hosting and Liquid Web both offer SSD Drives which are great!

    Both have amazing customer support as well.
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