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What's better?

To have ads that makes your imagination run free (i.e see why this girl loves dog food so much) and have kick ass CTR (i.e 1%+) or to have very straight to the point no BS ads (i.e This pet food product will make your dog a much happier dog!) but have a lower CTR (i.e 0.100%) ?

Stay your personal experience and your 2 cents.


Question 2) to flog or not to flog?

(I'm talking about FB traffic only).

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    Neither is "better". What you need is a balance between the two.

    Having that "shock" factor in your ads is a great way to boost CTR, but if it isn't relevant to your product or angle, then you won't get any conversions.

    Being straightforward in your ads will be better for conversion rates, but your CTR might not be high enough to profit from.

    What I usually do is I would build a relevant "shock" factor ad and then try to build my angle around it. So, using the example you gave us, I would build my landing page off of that premise (See why this girl loves dog food so much) and try to increase my conversion rate that way.

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    Question 2) to flog or not to flog?

    (I'm talking about FB traffic only).
    Do what you gotta do bro. Either stay compliant or don't get caught
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    Commit the same budget to both and compare your results; different audiences respond to different stimulation, so there isn't necessarily a "best way".

    Also, one thing I've learned doing pet products on TV is it's one of those niches where laser-targeting your audience can work against you. Roughly 60% of U.S. households have dogs, but only a fraction of them are "activist dog lovers" who talk about their pets all the time. They aren't on pet forums, aren't in pet-related Facebook groups, and aren't posting pictures of their dogs in stupid Christmas sweaters. But they own them and have to feed them. When we do a pet product our remnant (untargeted) media outperforms pet-related programs and networks every time.

    Ron Rule

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    I always like to test both styles, if you are getting a bunch of clicks and no conversions try being more direct. If you are getting conversions, but a low CTR, try being more shocking and intriguing.

    Good Luck
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    I would just test both and see what makes more money. IMO don't leave anything up to chance, split test and know for sure what works and doesn't work
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    Thanks for the replies guys.

    It seems I created 3 different threads - there was a glitch that day.

    MODS can delete the other threads and just keep this one.


    Rent this space.

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