New Neverblue Cake affiliate url downtimes?

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Not sure if anybody else is having the same problems but I've been monitoring several of my affiliate urls from their new Cake interface for over a month now and I've been noticing significant downtimes compared to their old affnet platform.

These downtimes are intermittent and seemed spread out through the day totaling at least 8 to 10 hours of downtime every day.

Also the response time of their cake affiliate urls are much slower as well.

When you compare the downtimes and response time with their old tracking platform it's day and night difference. Downtimes were basically zero for 6 months and response time is super fast compared to other affiliate networks.
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    My AM told me friday that most of the issues the new platform were having has been fixed. But I am still using the old platform and will continue to do so until the 8th.
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    I did notice that pages were loading slower. Also, there seems to still be a few creatives that haven't made it to the new platform yet. At least, last time I checked.

    Do you guys know if there are any tutorials for the new platform? There are a couple of things I can't figure out how to use. I'm not very techy.
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