How's the performance at Bidvertiser...

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Hi Worriers,

Here are some evidance to earning from a friend of mine. I just want to share it and want a quick comment. Do you think it's ok...


BTW he got paid $108 via Paypal this month... And got good cpc around $0.30/click
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      I too had heard too many bad things about BidVertiser, but the friend amazed me...
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    Hmm....I guess companies change...just like people do over time...

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    Yes, I have not tried them because of all the bad comments about them. Maybe I'll give them a look.
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      The reports from Bidvertiser seem to vary. On some sites I see people praising their high PPC rates, on others I read about people who have gotten nothing from them. I personally don't like them, and their ad blocks only seem to show up in Firefox about half the time, even without Adblock! That's a big downside unless it's just me.
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    May I know what are the main problems warrior faced with Bidvertiser? I have never try Bidvertiser before and would like to gather feedback on them. Thanks.
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