What size and style for ad remarketing banners??

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I'm about to start a remarketing campaign with Perfect Audience, and I've never done advertising or banner ads before.

Can you tell me what sort of size or styles work best for banner ads?

What are the best approaches?

Branding? Coupon codes for specific products?

My products are lessson DVDs in a very popular hobby niche.

Thanks for any help!
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    I like to use 300x250 on my retargeting campaigns because that seems to perform the best and get the most traffic, but I use Google AdWords.

    My approach has been a little different lately. Basically, I'm retargeting people who view an article about one thing and then retarget them to check out an article about another. My Teespring campaign is the perfect example:

    I'm trying to get people back on my blog to read about my Teespring campaign and my main goal is to get them to check out my FPTraffic tool or complete the contact form at the bottom. Even though I only have a few links to my FPTraffic site within the article, I've actually been profitable on sales from that alone

    So, targeting a specific product would probably be a good idea. Lot of people are doing it. Obviously I'm doing it for branding as well.

    ^ My Blog

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      ^ Awesome post Luke. I love finding little gold nuggets like this. Great info.
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    Hey Luke I ran into a couple of your retarget ads...
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