Advise for a newbie in the short term loan affiliate marketplace

by mkhost
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Hello all,

I am getting ready to launch an affiliate program in the short term loan/cash advance industry, and I was wondering if anyone has any pointers from either an affiliate or a merchant perspective about:

Best spot to recruit affiliates
Most important directories to be included in
Create some buzz for the launch of the program

Thanks in advance!
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    1. Join an affiliate network
    2. Dispatch press releases
    3. Notify affiliate directory web masters (offer commissions)
    4. Post to professional affiliate forums
    5. Setup podcasts, webinars, videos, etc.
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      Timely Wisdom to Newbies on Online Marketing

      For a newbie in affiliate marketing:
      (1). Choose a good affiliate program that pays good commission. You can get such information by checking various businesses offering affiliate programs and compare their commissions

      (2). Choose affiliate programs that sell as hot-cakes; services that sell very well online are information services

      (3). Take time to study how online marketing works; there are many free courses online that offer such information

      (4). Remember this internet wise saying: "money is in your list." The more subscribers you have on your list, the more likely the increase in your sales. Therefore, one of the main things you will do is to learn how to build a list. Don't forget the power of "autoresponse" in helping to develop your list

      (5). Be wise in your online purchases; as a newbie plan a budget. Do not spend too much on ads at the onset. As your business grows, you can plug in the profit for advertisement. There are many free ads you can start with to advertise your business.

      (6). Be positive and never give up. If you make mistake, laugh over it, dust up and get going. Mistakes are part of the growing/learning experience. Remember, time and patience can make the difference between today and tomorrow.

      (7). You can, however, avoid costly mistakes by moving with the right crowd. Why don't you seek the advice and guidance of someone who is succeeding in the business you are doing? Mentorship can accelerate your success. Where will you find such a counselor? Start from the affiliate business that you have joined. Seek and you will find.

      If others are succeeding online, YOU TOO CAN.

      To your greatest success.

      Adiari Captain.
      Signature - Proven Home Business and Work from Home Business Ideas and Opportunities
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        Leadpile works a lot in the cash advance/payday loan vertical and I have seen some really succeed with it and some get frustrated by it. My suggestion is to research who qualifies for a payday loan. If you are targeting a certain type of audience at least you will understand that, so you can try and get a little bit more targeted traffic to your site.
        If you are looking for more networks to generate leads for this vertical, give me a call or email me.

        Good luck.

        Mari Woods
        VP, Sales

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    its very simple , there are two ways to go about it 1. write articles , but for how long would be able to wait. 2 buy media ad from and related site
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