How many ads do you test for an offer on Facebook PPC

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Hey gang,

trying to get my feet wet in CPA again. Did a little on peerfly when I had a couple high traffic niche sites.

I want to get into promoting gaming offers from Peerfly on facebook ads.

I created a landing page, (similar to offer page)

My question is how many ads would you create when first starting out testing an offer?

ie: images, demos, copy?

right now I have 2 age group ads just to split younger vs older males.

Thanks for your help in advance.

p.s. signed up for good stuff there...thanks greedy!
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    A small campaign for me can be testing 25-40 ad variations.. a large once can be over a hundred.. (I test more ads then demographics, but I of course test the demographics as well)
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      Thanks Chris, better get to work creating some more ads then!

      Also in a niche like gaming, it is so huge it seems tough to really narrow it down targeting wise? I seem to be able to only get my targeting down to like 500K?

      Then with that it seems I can't get my cpc under .60min bid? Where most gaming offers seem to have a network epc of like .08 that seems like a looser out of the gate ( i know network epc doesn't mean a whole lot but a newbie has to start somewhere) any tips on getting lower cpc?

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    The more ads the better usually 10 to 20 off the bat, but I'll easily hit over 100 for a successful campaign.
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