Best sources of paid traffic right now?

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Hi all!

What are best (in your humble opinion) sources of paid traffic right now?

Please only mention the sources of traffic that you actually use.

It can be anything: adwords, paid traffic, paid social, ppv, etc.
Please mention why you think it makes sense to use that specific traffic (cost, conversions, etc)

Or maybe there are some new cool things out there?

Please share >>>>
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    Buying links on relevant forums, or sponsoring forum topics. Why don't more Warriors do this?
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    I don't pay for traffic. I build quality content. A friend is doing really well with Facebook ads, though.

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    I make a killing with these

    - adwords (very expensive look out)
    - Facebook fanpages
    - Twitter advertising
    - Press releases (most do this wrong)
    - Media buying (mostly forums, blogs)
    - BING PPC
    - 7search PPC

    These are working for us, and while some say they are no good, it comes down to testing, and upscaling what works. Also building a list, when you do PPC -> OPTIN page, this is when you get some big big results. And by big results we mean BIG $

    It takes money to make money! This is such a true saying. Paid traffic is where its at, especially facebook at the moment.

    Hope this helps.
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    Mobile advertising networks such as inmobi and buzz city work well. Clicks are usually pretty cheap, but you have to make sure the pages are optimized for mobile, otherwise it will almost certainly effect your conversion rate.
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    Google Ads, if you really need paid visitors.
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      I am staying put on FB, it has so much to offer, study FB ads well, thats where most people are, it's like a world in itself, so just imagine that?

      You can create pages, groups, events and much much more!
      Traffic is key as you may know Join others on the same mission as you
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    I have used Solo ads : they convert very well
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    I am doing good with Face Book Ads. I usually get traffic to my fan pages and then send them to my sites.
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    I ran a test on Twitter recently and my ROI was pretty decent. I am about to run a bigger test and see if it is scalable.

    Since the last change for Facebook, our returns haven't been great and I have backburnered them for a while.
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      Most of all the major paid methods work well it's only a question of making sure you really master one before jumping to another, that slows down the learning process results thereby. Solo ads are good but like with everything, you need to know what you are doing.

      Hey koubain, what conversions are we talking about here, is it from traffic to lead or lead to sale?
      Traffic is key as you may know Join others on the same mission as you
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  • Profile picture of the author Greedy
    Bing Ads
    Plenty of Fish
    Facebook Ads
    Google Adwords
    Youtube Traffic
    Solo Ads

    Also don't forget all the Mobile Traffic and MediaBuys out there.
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    I use AdWords because it gives me all of the clicks I can handle and it converts at over 100% ROI.
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    It seems there are so many people struggling with traffic. Its easy to get burned and wast your money. But I've found buying solos at safe swaps works. Once on the site it is good to check profiles and reviews (do a bit of shopping around on there to see where you'll get the most bang for your buck). This is highly targeted traffic from tier 1 countries mostly. Highly recommended.

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