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How do I exactly use the conversion test wizard from PeerFly with Bevo Media tracking platform?
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      peerfly wizard only works when testing direct linking. Will not work with a landing page.
      states in blog The Conversion Testing Wizard

      here is a snitpit from lukes blog. Prosper202, CPVLab, and Bevo Media Conversion Tracking
      Bevo Media Conversion Tracking
      Last, but not least, let’s take a look at Bevo Media’s conversion tracking. Bevo Media is probably the easiest simply because it’s hosted for you and everything is in one place.

      When you are creating your campaign set it up the same way you would a CPVLab campaign and just add the Click ID placeholder to the end of your link. In the example I’ve used throughout this article it’d be &s1=.

      Click ID Placeholder: &s1=
      Post Back Query String: subid=
      Once you save your campaign Bevo Media will give you the post back URL you should place within the affiliate network you are running traffic with. At the end Bevo Media appends &subid=. You will need to add the SubID variable after the = sign. For example, with PeerFly you’d just add %subid1% so it would look like this:

      https:// affportal.bevomedia. com/landing_page/sale/userId/1/rotator/1?amount=1.00&subid=%subid1%

      Once you place that post back in PeerFly or whatever affiliate network you are working with your conversions will show up just fine!

      I hope you have a better idea on how you can setup and track your conversions with Prosper202, CPVLab, and Bevo Media now. Of course, if you have any questions do not hesitate to comment below or email me. I have setup so many campaigns with all these platforms I could probably do it in my sleep!
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