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Hi guys
I just signed up at exoclick. I live in the EU and they require my vat id... else I have to pay extra 21% tax fee. how is it possible to bypass it? i don't have a vat id. what would happen if i enter a vat id from another person or company?

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      If you purchase a service digitally in the EU you need to pay VAT unless you are registered for VAT yourself.
      If you used somebody else's vat no you are guilty of tax fraud.

      If you were VAT registered then you would account for VAT on the purchase price at the rate for your country. You would issue yourself a purchase invoice adding the VAT on to it.

      In most EU countries there is a threshold of annual sales of 35,000 euros before a non EU company is required to charge VAT, however there is no threshold in the UK, so everybody worldwide selling a UK consumer a digital product and not charging you vat is breaking the law.

      Under the OECD treaty countries have agreed in principle that they will enforce other countries tax laws, but that hasn't yet happened. It will.
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