[Help] PointClickTrack and LeadImpact keyword tracking

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Hello warriors!

Can anybody using PointClickTrack tell me how their tracking works?

This is my affiliate link:

and they can say,

SubIDs are added to the end of the tracking link. EXAMPLE: /s1/DATA/s2/DATA/s3/DATA/

Please make sure that your SubID(s) are comprised of alphanumeric characters only. SubIDs are optional - if you do not need to use them, simply omit them.

I am so much confused how keyword tracking (my target URLs) as they have characters like "." "/"

My affiliate manager said like below

But what if I dont want to use %keyword%
I will to append ?keyword=keyword as they say on LI

Any PointClickTrack affiliate here who could make me understnad this and how he is tracking his keyword?
I have CPV lab but I am trying to go with direct linking without CPVlab
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