no money from google adwords!!

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I recently read on somebody's blog that they have never made any money on Google using adwords!!

This was an experienced campaigner with no axe to grind

Would be interesting to hear other peoples experience and metthods

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    I have made money with google adwords... but that was years ago before the word got out lol... But at the same time it was for my own product. I use to sell traffic years ago maybe back in 2004 or 2005. And I made about $300 per day - (profit)(ad spend was about $500 per day) - If no one was making money with google adwords then no one would be doing it - what I see is the old 80-20 rule... 80% of the people don't because they lack knowlegde and experience - the other 20% use to be a part of that 80% but they stuck it out and kept learning.

    Rule of thumb is test - optimize - test - rinse and repeat!
    Just Make It Happen - Stop Making Excuses! Only failure is not taking action!
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    I'm still heavily involved with adwords and have been using it for last 5 years. The game has changed substantially but there is plenty of money to be made - the key is following the right map.
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  • Don't listen to that blogger Danny. Sure it can be a challenge when you're starting out, but once you understand it, it's still a great source of targetted traffic.
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      It's kind of like most things in life - if you appraoch it carefully, limit the amount you spend till you find something that appears profitable you are in with a chance - dont bet everything on one campaign either - spread them out so you have a few chances to find a winner

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        I tried it and it worked. Not as good as I wished for but I haven't taken the time to learn all about it.
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          Hi thanks for your commments on my post
          any advice that you might help me with
          And how much is coaching?
          Tried to pm some of you guys but I need some more posts

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    Cheers guys
    Thas all very interesting!!

    SO for a newb whre might people suggest I start if not google.
    However if anyone answers that everyone will go there.

    never really minded the 80/20 rule as sticking at it is always key

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    CPA Coach Affiliate
    Do you have a site or something
    your start date is in June
    So would be interesting hearing more from you
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